OMGosh! Like, wednesday i had sugery and everything...which was ok, although when the pain medication wore off i was sorda u know, in pain. It sucked yesterday though since wednesday i was able to talk since the anistesia like didnt wear off but yesterday it did and i couldnt talk plus my pain med.'s were making me puke...friken 3x in an hour. I thought it would be fun and all but i relized yesterday it sux! evil As ive told many peaple, i am not gonna be here for a while since im in bed eating ice Cream or drinking ice water. but n.e.way, was cool while in the hospital but it just sux here. gosh! well, umm....i spent the night at my friends house and found out she watches Hentai...and Yaoi's...which isnt much of a suprise since most chicks do Yaoi's...except me! stare But it was so weird. My grandma is comming on augest 2nd and she is gonna celebrate my b-day while down here. itll be cool, i miss my reletives since they all like, u know, live in Indiana and i never see them that often. Oh, and i found like the funniest thing ever...on Its Ask A Ninja! he is so stupid but funny. I mean, i was just watching him over and over laughing my butt off! But n.e.way, Phsycoawesomeness called me yesterday and i had to tell him i cant talk to him since my was funny because i thought it was Cyle since i was texting him earlier but w/e. Phsycoawesomeness kept saying sorry and all that. Afterwords my parents were all like, 'who was that?' Lol. well, i g2g...need to take my pain medication.