I woke up at 5:45 and spent the time learning some languages, listening to music, and dancing a bit. I am still at the Ontario Shores hospital but Amy my social worker here said my mom called her to inform her that she wants me back home so now it is simply up to my dad now. The nurses here today for the day shift include Walid, Hilary, Dom, Conray and Nicole all of whom I like! The breakfast I had was a cup of milk, a muffin, and a piece of mild cheese.

At this earlier morning, Adamie a fellow patient was swearing a lot and that made me think of that time when my father taught me that real men have filters and those blatantly dissatisfied with their social standings feel the need to swear to get their point across.

The best way to have the perfect teeth is to brush them first thing in the morning because the mouth stinks, then brush after every meal. Don’t floss since that could very well cause gaps in your teeth to become bigger.

I would like to become a person trainer in some of my time off my regular dealer job. To get there I would need to skim through that canfitpro book and watch more fitness videos. In my other free time, I would like to get better at drawing and cooking, both of which I need to dedicate more of my efforts to.

While I’m at the hospital, i don’t have the luxury of showering every day so I am modest about using the water by taking a shower washing my hair only once every four days. I don’t sweat much anymore so it all works out. I always wash my clothes and socks every day for good hygiene practices.

For drawing, I will copy all of the drawings on all of the art books i have bought and practice doing them over and over again. Then when I have done all that, use pinterest photos for references. Sometimes I draw clothes and if I use pinterest as my source, i could quickly become a designer in my own right!

For cooking, I have to have the kitchen to myself to cook. I will just experiment with different spices and different foods to come up with my own recipe of this blend or that blend of dishes. I believe the intention to cook is crucial, if you have the urge to cook and to improve, you would take action.

The weather is quite gloomy today with lots of clouds and a little bit of rain. It is still pretty cold so we all need to wear enough or we will likely catch a cold. I need to practice my vision with the sun out and with its light rays permeate itself through the snow. What I am doing now is to practice my calligraphy on both left and right hand since calligraphy is a form of art and I do want to become a better artist.

76% of my brain is Russian-Chinese, 8% Greek, 8% French, 8% Korean; my eyes are French, hair is South Africa, nose is Italian, lips are Nigeria, ears are USA, Shoulders and back are Korean, hands and arms are Japanese, legs are German, more

I was served Tortellini, Broccoli cuts, mushroom soup, coconut pudding, and 1% milk 125mL by Conray. I am very grateful to get any meal and for it to be tasty and very healthy, i feel like I’m very blessed. I am going to go brush my teeth now.

It is getting sunnier now. When I get out of this hospital, my eyes need to be soaked with light and i ought to cover the rest of my porcelain skin up.

My phone was running out of juice and i went to the nursing station to get it charged. The nurse who charged my phone is Domenica aka Dom. She is nice, i like her, she also took my lunch tray away after i finished eating. She said she is from another ward but is still kind of new, at least i think thats what i heard. I overheard her mentioning her name is Italian, this reminds me that I got to talk more about my Italian husband Brand.

I slept a little bit earlier while my phone was charging at the nursing station. Resting my eyes is crucial since my vision fluctuates and is best right after waking up. The nurse who unplugged my phone today to return it is Hillary. She seemed a bit upset but I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because i was in beds for so long and didn’t fight my tiredness, maybe because Giuseppe was watching, or maybe we shouldn’t have asked her for this help i’m a little baffled.

I just finished eating dinner served to me by Hilary. Once again, a very nutritious meal and I am very grateful for it! I could tell that The Shepherd’s pie was intricately made and took effort into making it a delicacy. Dom took the food tray away from me after i had finished eating.

Try to check out the Moon daily and see where in the night sky is it located in. The night is beautiful and I find peace walking outside in the dark. Peaceful indeed.