blah - the hell is going on with people
honestly i think the world is on a collision course - ok now do not laugh - do not think this is crazy, or ******** it, you can think what you want but mark my words - i know i am right. i just have this burning ... call it knowledge because it is more than a feeling - this is something i just know ... could be this year (initially i was sure it was going to be this year) but i do think absolutely within the next few years all those questions about UFOs and aliens will be answered - no matter you believe or not - they will make themselves known, very soon -
and once we know - we can't unknow
once we see - we can't unsee

going to be a lot of people who can't cope with the knowledge
a lot of people throwing themselves off bridges, overdosing ...
a lot of angry people and a lot of "i told you so"

it is going to be weird - i just hope we don't do something stupid
don't get me wrong - it won't be a world war type of thing - the world leaders, well, the ones that matter ... they already know.

I just wish we could go back 60 years to relive the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's - before cell phones and home computers and social media. I think it would be an amazing time to relive. If i was given the opportunity to do it - i wouldnt need to think about it. Im IN. send me back today!