its a good day to celebrate with sibling when you can right?
well for me lol WRONG!
i knew my sis had to leave for some part of san diego for some color swatches but i didnt think she not only take mom but my bro and nephew too? and to add hurt/insult my other sis the oldest (who i found in some church like clothes in cotton candy pink) actually going out too for a cotton candy theme party (which i assume is for some random church member's kid or grandchild) and say only today shes was leaving.
and my other bro he has to work so i can be pissed at him.
damn it. i dont wanna cook at home. i wanted fast food today like mcdonalds, taco bell or my main craving today popeyes!
god i hate being alone (and im autistic but this is too lonely for me)
i think ill try a little cooking then delivery somehow xp
glad im 27 and have some monies (at least hope my mom didnt leave me broke)
wish me luck y'all!