I've watched a few episodes yesterday and today, and I really like it. I really love Pluto xD. I also like how the kids at the park in the otherworld connect into the real world. Aubrey's real world design is super cool too, I think it really makes sense why she's such an aggressive hard hitter in the otherworld battle system. I've been watching ManlyBadassHero play it so i've heard his few theories on certain things, like the reason why Basil is the same in both worlds is because maybe he's trying to escape the dream world Omori made. I think it's plausible especially since before he went missing a shadow came up to him (which I'm assuming is the ghost of Mari) and when he saw it he panicked. And real world Basil did that too in the bathroom. Sometimes I even forget that this is a psychological horror game because its just so cute lol. I wanna see more in-depth on Omori's trauma though. The only thing I know what may have caused it is Mari's death.