hi yesterday, national siblings day, just boring, sad and sleepy.
i didn't even cook in the end. just ended up ordering jack n the box on postmates.
also accidentally broke my room bulb trying to turn the light on so took the family's back room bulb. after ordering my bro was actually home for a little bit til i got my postmates and left after. after my meal went to my room, did more gaia and pasted out (cause ive been getting 3-4 hour sleeps lately when trying to sleep normal) but ended up sleeping from 2 or 3pm til 10pm and last hanging in kitchen watching nephew watching some hero's movie about talking bat and baseball with whoopi and robin williams (i know it but too lazy to do better description) and thats the end of april 10th.
now april 11 in my room relaxing after starting my late night washing and drying and just passing time here on gaia til i do another round or 2.
hopeful in another couple of hours ill either reattempt to go back to sleep or organize my room especially my craft corner (ive been months behind since winter started to redecorate)
wish me luck!