Flame Abilities:
- Devouring Darkness Flame: a heavenly flame unique to Nocturne that was formed from True Darkness, it has the ability to absorb light and heat from the world around it to strengthen itself, a flame that hungers for yang energy.
- 9 Dragon Lightning Flame - a dragon’s might gathered in the Heavenly Flame. Hence, it possesses the miraculous effect of shocking one’s soul. This flame grants flames with the power and characteristics of lightning granting the ability to practice lightning techniques, a silver flame
- Life Spirit Flame - This flame is highly strange, for most Heavenly Flames are pervaded with the power of destruction, but the Living Spirits Flame, instead of displaying destructiveness, is instead famous for its power of life. The steam produced by this flame helps to accelerate the growth of magical herbs, and it is said that if one tosses some seeds into this flame, those seeds would quickly germinate and grow. In other words, with this flame, one would no longer need to search for any herbs, and would be able to get boundless amounts of ingredients with just seeds. A green flame
- White Wolf Spirit Flame - a rather unique spirit flame due to it being formed by the combined Spiritual Strength of all those who possessed the power of the Ainu before Kevin giving it immense power and intelligence, due to it being formed from the souls of those that came before Kevin it also has a potent effect on the unnatural and the undead such as ghosts, demons, vampires and the like, the power possessed by this flame is almost to the point of being a Heavenly Flame and is also Kevin's first flame that he will possess and even has a will to protect Kevin from other flames, also possessing the ability purify and cleanse spiritual entities and help spirits to pass on. Also grants the power to enhance the power and abilities of flames this flame is merged with. a pure white flame
- Black Lion white Lotus Flame - monochrome flame of a White Lotus Black Lion it has the special characteristic of adhering to areas burnt by it like an adhesive as if setting fire to the targets perfume, acting like the burns are seed beds where the pain of the burn arrives unnaturally disappears and the returns more intense as it spreads like a blooming bed of flowers can only be stopped if extinguished.
- Elemental Phoenix Flame - obtained from Tamashii and due to the purifying characteristics of phoenix fire it will give Kevin's flames a purifying effect removing curses, poisons, and things like that as well as if it is controlled properly it can also be used to heal instead of harm, a golden flame.
- Twin Sun Holy Flame - a flame created by Amaterasu for Kevin which looks as if it holds 2 suns within it. The primary effect of this azure flame is to give Kevin's flame attacks the potential to have a holy element added to it. as well as to use flames to create light elemental attacks.
- Magma Carp Flame - a flame obtained while travelling with Monolith, grants the ability to use flames in the water and in places where flames would usually be weakened without his flames being affected, an orange flame

Cultivation Abilities:
- energy crystallization
- energy weapon materialization
- energy wing manifestation
- crystallized energy armor creation
- the ability to absorb energy from the world around himself to refill his energy rapidly even in combat
- the ability to walk on the air
- spatial energy manipulation to allow for teleportation and dimensional travel, as well as to control space around a target to lock them down so they can't move as well as to block attacks or send attacks into the void so they don't harm others (not these last abilities that target others have clear limitation on their utilization and what they will work on)
- enhanced bodily strength and durability as a result of cultivation and energy absorption
- the ability to manipulate and control the energy of the world around Kevin so long as it is of the elements he controls
- Creation of solid energy constructs or even create creatures from energy that are implanted with instinct to allow them to act autonomously with Kevin during combat
- life and death energy manipulation - gains the ability to naturally absorb and wield these abilities that greatly enhance healing as well as destructive power

Natural Abilities:
- Enhanced Healing- accelerated healing that allows Kevin to heal from wounds that would take weeks or months in only minutes
- Beastial and Hybrid Transformation - gives the ability to partially or fully transform into a wolf. this comes in a few categories:
- werewolf mode - the name says it all, doubling Kevin's strength, speed, and durability while also granting claws and teeth but also becoming bigger making him an slightly easier target while also being harder to use in an enclosed space
- normal wolf mode - a wolf form that is the same size as a normal wolf, grants greater speed than werewolf mode but is more fragile and weaker
- divine wolf mode - an enhanced wolf mode that is around the size of an elephant, granting greater speed than wolf mode while also having similar durability and strength to werewolf mode, however like werewolf mode this is hard to use in enclosed spaces to an even greater degree than werewolf mode
- Assault mode - a special transformation category where Kevin partially transforms parts of his body like an arm or his legs to get the benefits without the downsides of transforming that limb such as transforming a limb just before hitting to greatly increase the power behind the strike and then changing that limb back to normal immediately after, using this has created a unique fighting style for Kevin. However it is fairly normal for Kevin to keep his arms transformed
Divine speed, strength, durability, and senses
The ability to create flames and ice at will through the use of energy
Entropic Conversion- Can cause flames Kevin controls to become ice and vise versa as well as create cold flames that freeze or burning ice that can be turned into snowflakes that explode like a grenade when they touch something or on command. And these are just a few example of this ability.
When Kevin uses a large amount of energy Kevin's eyes will naturally take the appearance of his Eyes of Chaos due to them being a physical characteristic now allow due to him always being in the state of using this powers abilities now

Externally Obtained Abilities:
- the ability to absorb and release darkness obtained from the world of Nocturne as a result of experimentation upon himself using the True Darkness. Useful for obscuring vision and senses due to this being a magical darkness that dulls all senses
-The ability to manipulate and use death energy obtained from the death god Paradox. This ability may have merge with the natural ability to use death energy obtained upon reaching the second stage of the Veneration of Life and Death stage of cultivation
- everything gained from Neo Fang of Fenrir: https://www.gaiaonline.com/journal/?mode=view&post_id=34677977&u=26820667