Sorry for the absence, been a bit busy..and forgot to journal! So far I've been reading this amazing Comic called Solo Levelling. I tried reading it on Tapas and Tappytoon but it kept charging me or making me wait forever, so I ended up reading it on w3.sololevelling I'm probably going to get a virus or something, but then again not many viruses are compatible with apple so maybe I'm safe XD.

Anyway, the story goes there is a world where Awakened people get some abilities and are known as hunters. You can awaken as an Assassin, Swordsman, Tank, Mage, or Healer for the most part, with some other classes being rarer. 1 in a thousand people awakens, but only one in 5000 is above D rank. The main character is known as the weakest E rank, but he keeps risking his life for his sister and his Ill mother, who is mentioned once and then never brought up again XD. SO far I am at chapter 60 and I am pretty addicted