Well, okay...know how I said I can't go on ROSE anymore? Yea, that's true...it is...but...I just...I really wanted to see John-kun, so...well, I sneak on to see him!

Okay, well...this was yesterday, but I felt like telling about it, since I had so much fun! =3 I was with John-kun on ROSE, and he said that he had to go clean for Thanksgiving tommorow, and so he went afk...I was left with one of his friends he met on his second character, Zentar. She was named DirtySlave, from the "DirtyThirty" clan XD. She switched to her dealer, Anuke...and we decided, since I was going to be waiting a long time for John-kun...to take a walk!

Well, I usually just go alone, and I find it fun to just walk from here to there, you know (I once walked from AP all the way to Kenji lol I was really bored XD) and it does'nt cost anything, because I didn't have very much money, and I didn't want to spend it on trips that cost 1.5k one-way and 3k two-way. I wasn't expecting Anuke to want to come with me, but she did, 'cause she didn't have anything to do, and I put on my Visitor Clothes (the old pre-evo kind) and we started to walk.

We had a fun time conversing with one another on things ranging from how we H-A-T-E the new girl Visitor Look (way too pink, if you ask either of us ), to how when you suddenly go from being on a high-lvl character to one of a lower-lvl and almost get killed because you forget you're not God anymore and can get killed =O. I told her about an incident where I was in AP, and I was collecting low-lvl monsters, a new player came up to me and said what kind of hack did I use to do that and not die? Anuke laughed at that, and I told her that he thought I was in "God" mode, and that was why I could get bombarded by monsters and not die. Then I said I told the player I was simply a higher-lvl, lvl 90, and she laughed some more . It was fun, and while we were walking, Anuke invited two more people, one named Beaf, and one named...lol...Cocane XD.

We didn't see either of them until we got to AP, and on the way to the small village there, we met up with Beaf. I was amazed...he was a pretty high-lvl character, and a cleric, but, uh, well...he WAS wearing Mighty armour, so I mistook him for, well...a Soldier at first.

When we got to the village, we just started running around, having fun. I went to go Taunt some Choropies and Jellies, while Anuke and Beaf stayed behind and, er...I think I missed it, but Beaf had a little dancing show going on. In the end we all decided to dress completely the same, in low-lvl clothes. Well, I couldn't buy anything, since I didn't have any money, but...Anuke was kind enough to buy the stuff for me!

Then Cocane came along, in like, lvl 15 Soldier clothes. This time I was right about him being a Soldier, unlike Beaf. Well, I really did think he was lvl 15 for a minute, and then he goes and puts on Plate armour and all this stuff =_=!

Oh well, so he got dressed in the same clothes we were all wearing, and we sat on a bench and Anuke took a picture of us. The guys wore blue jeans, and we both wore brown ones. I sat between Cocane and Beaf, lol.

Yea, they were all fun to be with, that's for sure (and, omg...so funny O.o) ;D! And then we all climbed on top of the waterfall near the village and I used that running glitch I used to have so much trouble with (and that John-kun helped me master! =3) to get off. Then Cocane left, 'cause he wanted to get lvl 100, and Beaf decided to go too, but ended up walking back with us to Junon.

On the way to Luxem from AP, Anuke said something about a massive...er..."orgy" that everyone wanted to have...she said that John-kun was on when this happened, like, I think she said...a week ago...and that he, um...didn't want to do it yet until, well...until I was there...which, I...I kind of wish I was...But then she said that they haven't had it yet, and that we were all going to have one, um...when everyone, including me was...um...on...so, uh, that was interesting to hear...o.o...

Well, on the way from El Verloon to Anima, Anuke and I talked about Lord Of The Rings, and Beaf commented about how he looks like Legolas in real life. We thought that was awesome, because we both l-o-v-e Legolas. I mean, I'm not a big fan of Orlando Bloom, but, my goodness...I love Legolas, he's so cool...Then Anuke says that she likes Johnny Depp and says that even though hes about 40-45, he's still really hot, and I totally had to agree with that, 'cause, well...it's true (I saw lots of movies he was in, too...like...Pirates of The Carribean and, um...Finding Neverland, which made me cry at the end T~T it was sad...)!

So, we killed some Rackies and stuff along the way, and eventually got to Anima Lake, and then...*sighs*...my mom comes home and I have to tell Anuke that I g2g because if my mom catches me, I'll never be able to get on again...and somehow she knew just by me saying I had to go, and that my mom was home, I really needed to leave. I don't know how she knew about that, but...she did know that I like to sneak on, so that has to say something (._.).

Well, I left, told her to tell John-kun I love him, and that, well...I'd be on MSN...but that didn't quite work out, because my brother and sister's friends were over, and I didn't want them to see me on, so I just got off all together =_=.

And...that, ladies an' gentlemen, was Rozen's Day! ;3