Well, today at lunch, I went to the Library to have my first real mini-lesson with my "sensei" (that's what my friends are calling her, since she's teaching me lol...I just call her my senpai) Geena-san ^.^. I learned how to write in Japanese the hiragana (very basic Japanese, I'm not getting into kanji for a while...lol) for different particles. Let's see...I did...hm...I did the hiragana for:


and then:


Very basic lol...there's a lot more to go, and tommorow we are focusing on learning actual words, although I combined a lot of what I already knew to do a few words, like:

"aoi" (blue),
"uo" (above),
"oka" (hill),
"aki" (autumn),
"ike" (pond), and
"koku" (densely)

These were words that I had to copy their Japanese forms, and then romanize them, or translate them into Romanji, which as I said before is basically writing Japanese words out in english, but in the way they are pronounced in Japanese :3.

I also had to do some words that already gave the Romanji and English equivalent of the word, like:

"ou" (indebted),
"ie" (house),
"ai" (love),
"kako" (past),
"kui" (regret), and
"eki" (station)

Yes, more basic words, very simple...but I had to write these in Japanese...good thing I practiced for, like...the whole time we were there XD. I worked on a lot...but there is still much more to go, and I cannot wait to learn more ^^!