Soo, today I had my second official Japanse lesson. At the beginning, Geena-san quizzed me on some words, having me romanize (use Romanji) some of them, and write others in plain Japanese (in Hiragana, of course!). It was pretty simple, I just need to practice my writing the symbols a bit more, but beyond that, I'm doing pretty good!

She brought in her old first-year Japanese textbook (she's on her third year, I belive), and after the quiz, she taught me how to pronounce certain words, as just the slightest change in accentuation can make the word a completely new one. She then explained the basics of introducing yourself, and then how one bows (which is very common in Japan, I do it too, just not as much...kind of unconsiously).

Well, let's see...I belive the order went like this:

1. "Hajimemashite." - "How do you do."
2. "Watashi wa Rebecca desu." - "I am Rebecca."
3. "Doozo yoroshiku." - "Nice to meet you."

I also learned the different ways of saying "I", even though I will probably only being using "watashi". There was:

"Watashi" (male or female; relatively polite)
"Atashi" (used only by women; slightly less formal than watashi)
"Boku" (used only by men; generally younger men or people without a macho image)
"Ore" (men only; not so polite, has a bit of a tough image)
"Watakushi" (male or female; extremely formal)

And so...that was my lesson for the day! =3 See you next time! Sayonara!