Lol, so randomly today I was looking for more yaoi books...and I suddenly started thinking up one I my own. It started out naturally, but then I wanted to just write it down, so I wouldn't forget. I got up to a point, and am experiencing writer's block. Tell me what you think lol:


I’m a smart aleck. I always have been. Ever since I was little, all I did was study hard, and get good grades. I never questioned others, and I stayed on track. I repeated this throughout my eighteen years of life, and I have gotten quite far doing so. There’s not a fault in me that can be pointed out, so I am impervious to insult or hate. Okay, I was lying about that "hate" thing. People do hate me, but simply because I am smart, and they should be. All of the guys in this school are brain dead, I swear. Not one of them could possibly think on his own without getting lost in his own thoughts of perverse pleasures. I, on the other hand, stay the course, as I said, and don’t get distracted. I study through break as well, which allows me to stay on top, even if I have studied all of these subjects previously. That is how I got this far, to this prestigious all-guys academyl. I’m a junior, currently, but am well ahead of all my classmates. I don't have the slightest clue to why I wasn't moved up a grade in the first place. These guys are all way out of my league...each and every one of them.
I wasn’t always such a loner, though, with so few friends and aquaintances to rely on. I once had...a friend...who was always there for me, who helped me through the rough times...I guess I could explain every little thing of my life, but that is too tedious, and not worth my time. I guess I’ll just tell you how I came to have such...a great Tarazaka....

It all began, I was simply roaming the halls, doing nothing. You see, I finish my work ahead of everyone else, and I sneak out of class. I get away with it because everyone knows me, and I suck up to the teachers in any way I can to stay in their good graces. I am much more intelligent than these babbling, incoherent, and utterly hopeless fools, and the teachers thank me for not being such a pain like most of them. All they ever think about is girls and sex, nothing else. They don’t seem to think much of the future, like me, and that is why they will never get anywhere in life. Heck, I don’t even know how they got into such a prestigious academy. I suppose anyone with a little talent can pull it off, but I had way above that minimum.

Anyways, as I was walking around, doing nothing, I suddenly heard something. It wasn’t loud at first, but I knew just where it was coming from. I knew this school like the back of my palm, even though it’s so big, and even being there for two years isn’t always enough to get to know the school well enough. The sound was of music, and it was coming right from the band room. I headed over there to check it out, and I could not believe who I saw in there. Tarazaka Fuyomishi, the school delinquent, was playing a band set. At first I simply wanted to run out of the vicinity as soon as I could, but something held me back. I simply stayed where I was, and watched him. I was looking through one of the glass walls in front of the room, so I could see him clear enough. He looked so peaceful, although what he was playing certainly contradicted all of that. If there was one fault in me I tried to contain, it was my love of rock music.

If the other guys found out about me liking this kind of thing, my perfection would be no more. I would be scarred, and that scar would be visible to all who knew me, and make them dislike me to the point that I could no longer get back on the track I have always been used to being on: the right one. To like something as barbaric as what I was listening to was certainly not something that would help get you into someone’s good views; and yet I stood there, listening to the notes play, watching Tarazaka’s feet move the pedals, his arms hold the drumsticks, each one going down at a specific time to come together with the drum set, or cymbals. He then got up, and grabbed for something in a large, black container. What he pulled out next was a beautiful guitar. Expertly handcrafted, I could tell. I began to wonder how much that thing cost, and how a guy like Tarazaka could afford it in the first place. Probably by means I don't want to explore, but nonetheless I was curious.

He plugged in the guitar to an Amp, and plucked at the strings. It took him a while to adjust it, but less time then it would take me to figure out one of those things. The he began to play. All I could think of was how extraordinarily good he was at playing that thing. Especially a guy like Tarazaka.

I had no idea he could play like this. Everyone one in the academy knew him for his bad-boy attitude and horrible grades. He also has quite a history with the cops, if you know what I mean. More than a few encounters there. Yet, he goes to this school because of his amazing talent, like everyone else. He also comes from a very wealthy family, which always helps. I just didn’t know that his talent was so...well...he was amazingly good, that’s all I really could say.

I drifted into somewhat of a daydream-like state, focusing only on the cymbals and the drums he played earlier, their corresponding beats, how fast or slow it all went...the strings of the guitar, being played one by one to come together in such an enrapturing melody. The beauty of it all played out in my head, giving each sound a picture, a symbol to go with it, as if the sounds were meant to tell a story. I knew the consequences of someone seeing me here, watching this horrendous performance, and yet I stayed. I was completely entranced with Tarazaka’s music...and I couldn’t let go.

Then there was silence. I was still in my subconsious state, knowing that I had better snap out of it before someone saw me. All was quiet, and then I stared to hear footsteps coming closer to where I was. The footsteps interrupted the melody of the cymbals and drums and guitar strings that were replaying over and over in my head. Suddenly I heard a low, gruff voice.

"What the hell ya doin’ here?"

It was obviously Tarazaka. I woke up immediately after hearing his voice, and realizing that even though Tarazaka was stupid, he still knew who I was, and how hard I tried to conceal all of my faults. He suddenly gave me this sly grin, as if he had read my mind, and said to me,

"Well, prissy boy? Watch’a doin’ here? I thought ya’ll didn’t like rock, all ya pansy boys."

I was so terrified. I knew well enough if I did anything to piss him off, he would tell.

"P-please...don’t tell anyone about this! I mean...don’t tell any of the other guys I was here. If they knew...well...there goes my perfect self...everyone thinks I'm totally against this kind of music, and just into the classics! You know, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart..."

He looked at me like I was crazy, and then grinned at me again, showing his huge canines. I always thought he kind of looked like a vampire and all, with teeth like those. His eyes were borderline dark red, too. Always freaked the hell outta me, made me shiver something awful.

"Guess yer not so perfect after all, ya pansy."

He snicked, and then stopped for a minute, as if he was suddenly reconsidering what he would like to do with me. He then said, after...I swear, at least 5-10 minutes,

"I've seen ya before, and I know how smart ya are. Yer at the top of yer class, aren't ya, pansy?"

I gulped and said,

"Y...yes, I am one of the top 5 students a-at this academy. My name's Riyoko Kimishima."

He gave off a snort and replied,

"Ha, that's the perfect name fer ya. Nice an' girly. Come ta think of it, ya look a lot like a girl, ya pansy."

I tried to contain my annoyance at him calling me a "pansy" with every sentence he spoke to me. It was really getting on my nerves, but I have trained myself not to show such feelings, and I played it cool, even though in the inside I felt like punching this oni right smack on his face. Even though it might have a small recoil effect on me, because I am pretty weak, and Tarazaka is pretty strong, he wouldn't even be bothered by a hit by me, knowing him. All I could do was reply,

"Ah, I guess you're right. Ha ha...I never thought of my name being girly."

He just nodded his head and said,

"Yup, ya got a pretty girly name. Sure ya ain't really a girl?"

I got a little flustered at this, because of how he was looking me up and down so oddly. All I could do was say,

"N-no! I'm...I'm a guy, I swear I am...I wouldn't lie about my own gender!"

He just replied,

"Whatever. Yer still a pansy."

He then stopped to think for a moment, and then remembering me spying on him while he was playing, said to me,

"If ya promise, and ya better swear to this, to help me study, and get my grades up, I’ll let ya off tha hook fer spyin’ on me while I was playin'. Ya see, I didn’t tell nobody this, but I wanna be a rock star, but, godamnit, I need my grades up to graduate, even if I did get into this damn school just by my talent alone."

I gulped, and gave him a firm answer, or as firm as I could get, since he was staring at me with those lifeless eyes, and, my god, did he scare the hell out of me.

"I promise, kind sir, to help you raise your grades up. I swear I will, as long as you promise to keep it a secret that I like...well...that I like rock. Please, if you tell anyone about this, I will never hear the end of it, I really won’t."

He gave me this smile, showing his big vampire canines, and said,

"Heheh...I swear I won’t if you swear you’ll be helpin’ me study an’ all. Just remember this little deal, and if you keep yer half, I’ll keep my own."

I breathed a sigh of relief. At least I could trust him not to tell, or so I hoped he wouldn't.

After that day, we saw each other during lunch period to study. We always went right to the library, and straight to one of the back tables, os no one would see us together. I had always eaten earlier, but he’d always sneak in his own lunch. He always had this huge bento, I was a little jealous of him for that. I always looked so good, and I wondered who the hell would cook for him in the first place, him being such a jerk and all. But we got along, or as much as two completely opposite people can.

"Okay, so...Tarazaka, what is the first thing you need help studying?"

He thought for a moment, and then said,

"Let’s start with...uh...howzabout Calculus?"

I gaped at that, seeing as it seemed almost impossible for a buffoon like the one sitting across from me to possibly get into a class at that high a level. I coughed, hoping he didn’t hear, and simply replied,

"Sure, let’s start with that. Is it one of your more difficult subjects?"

He nodded yes, and then added,

"But why the hell do I have ta learn it all? I mean...what’s the point? It’s not like I’m ever gunna use this crap in real life."

I responded to this comment by saying,

"Actually, you are quite wrong about that. All math helps in daily life, you just don’t realize it. The most basic of things can be backed up with some sort of mathematical equation, if not all of them make perfect, logical sense."

He just grunted, and when he didn’t retaliate in any way, I took that as the go-ahead to begin our lesson.

It went on for the whole period at least, and afterwards he said to me,

"Yo, can, uh...can we meet after school sometime too? Just, to like...get some more studyin’ in and all that s**t?"

I gave my best smile, even though that was a little hard to do, since this guy was not exactly a person you could smile at and feel happy around.

"Sure, where do you want to meet?"

He replied,

" ‘bout yer place? I’d, to see a pansy like yerself’s room sometime."

I said okay, that was fine, and we departed for our next class. I still get the feeling that he glanced back to look at me that day, and it sent shivers up my spine. I didn’t know what it all meant, but after these few days, I had begun to grow accustomed to the big oaf.

So...we continued on, me teaching Tarazaka, him protecting my secret love of rock, this case, his own music. We met every day at school during lunch, but I had failed to respond to his wish to come to my house for an after-school session. I was beginning to wonder why I had prolonged not bringing him to my house...I just didn't seem to feel right, having someone I barely even know come into my house one day. I had feelings against it all, in the beginning. I had only agreed to allowing him to come because I knew if I didn't submit to his will, he would surely blab all about my secret.

The thing is...he didn't seem to notice I wasn't talking about letting him over, after the times he asked to. I felt kind of bad, and decided once I got to know him better, I would let him come to my house...for those after-school lessons.