Guess where I went today and got me really into Uber-Otaku mode?

A JAPANESE MARKET! *Happy inside*

Well, okay, not a h-u-g-e deal, but I will still explain my first visit there, since I really liked going, and I'm looking forward to returning!

Er...I wish I could remember the name of the market, but sadly I cannot...all I know is I had a great time, and the first thing that comes to my mind, and that I really liked a lot was: The manga section!

Yes, it is a market, but as soon as you walk in, on the left there is this small alcove, a book shop I guess, and it has this big wall of manga and some other kid-type books (I saw some little kid books with the new Pokemon for Diamond and Pearl in them that I was really tempted to get, but, uh, I didn't. Stuck to getting some big phone-book size manga Tankubon's XD). I also loved the range of other books they had, from Japanese novels (or, apparently, American ones, like Holes ^^), to cooking magazines amd gamer magazines. There were some nice Japanese celebrity magazines there too (Japanese celebrities are so pretty...*sigh*...)! Well, so I bought some stuff, said "Arigatou gozaimasu" to the cash register lady (who, yes, was Japanese :3), and we all went to eat in this little Japanese (um, they had one Korean place) food court.

Eep...the selection there was really nice (they even had bento boxes...sugoi!)! I saw a ramen place, which, yes, had only ramen, and it looked just like the ramen Naruto eats (no, duh...what other kind would he eat?) =3. There were some other nice places, and all of them displayed their foods with these plastic models, to make them look appetizing (and, to tell the truth...they did -_+). I got a Ramune at one of the spots, which was nice because I always wanted one of cool, how you open them and all...I'm totally saving it!

Then when we were finished eating (I got this tofu dish, and miso soup, just FYI), we went through the market itself. I got some rice balls and pocky (yay pawky!), and other stuff...I didn't really look at it all...I saw some coffee thingers, but I didn't know what they were...probably a drink, of course XD.

Well, after that...we left, and went to see Dreamgirls, which was, to say the least: the best movie of last year and, uh...this year, so far! Jennifer Hudson (a Chicago-borne native, yay!) totally stole the singing acts with her soulful voice (she even made Beyonce look bad *snicker* XD!), and her acting was quite good too, and dramatic (which is good, very good, since acting nowadays can be rather bland...)!

Okay, so...that's what we did today, and for a girl who doesn't exactly totally enjoy going out, this was one of my favorite days (and the first day of January too)!