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Hello, my journal will mostly have me ranting about random things but i also will post some of my storys or drawings.
wow, haven't done this in awhile...

guess what?! I WENT TO KATSU CON13!!!! it was awesome!!!! i was there on saturday and friday. i was the first in line to the saturday rave, but i didn't get to stay very long. it still was AWESOME!!!!!!

i didn't cosplay but i did were gaia hats! I switched between O RLY? OMG and AFK. if you saw three people wereing thouse gaia hats on friday, that was us. i wore it saturday too but not one of my friends. we were notaced by 11 people on friday and 17 people on saturday... maybe even more!

There was someone who asked for my username, think she said her's was Tonylicious? and then ! OH YES! the AWESOMELY RANDOM PEOPLE!!!!!!! We went to the masqueraid (witch is a big word i9 can't spell that means cosplay skits. the skits were awesome and all but the people sitting behind us ROCKED! i think they might be from gaia, one of 'em said there name was anna i think. We were yelling the entire time and i think my voice has died xd

They gave me back my akakmaru plush when i lost him! we said we'd meet up at the rave but we only saw one of the people and only for like a minute.

OH AND THE RAVE!! it was awesome! I GOTTO START A CHEER!!! acutally i started alot of them witch is weird cuz i don't have the loudest voice. but in the line t get to the rave me and my friend started the ninja cheer after the pirate one dissapeared (ours lasted way longer!)

and did i say! WE WERE THE FIRST IN LINE TO THE RAVE!!!!! first! i still can't believe it!

there was someone there with a kiki on there head and afew other gaia hat warers but none in groups like us! SOME RANDOM PEOSON EVEN TOO MY PICTURE!!!!! OH YEAH! and there was a hyper guy who took my friend's when i wasn't there and we saw him the next day and he seemed sad cuz he didn't have is camara.

IT ROCKED SO HARD!!! I'll come back and write more later proabably.

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