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i don't know what to write here...
i like pie
mood ring colors
=Black (Midnight Black To Charcoal~Ebony/Onyx)- Serious, Intense, Aloof, Mysterious, Stormy, Excited, Energetic, Stressed, Overworked, Tensed, Angry, Mad, Hurt, Mood Ring Inactive; Nothing, Not Working

=Tan (Dark Brown To Golden Beige~Copper/Bronze)- Anticipation, Heated Emotions, Reactive, Rising Energies, Unexplored, Adaptive, Random Thinking, Restless, Jitters, Puzzled, Troubled, Worried, Fear

=Red (Red-Brown To Rose~Ruby)- Allured, Aroused, In Love, Excited, Passionate, Awe-Struck, Active, Adventurous, Anxious, Insecure, Angered, Harassed, Stressed, Tensed, Alarmed, Fearful

=Orange (Amber-Red To Sun Gold~Sunstone)- Thinking, Searching, Busy, Stimulating Ideas, Daring Wants, Excited, On Edge, Impatient, Disturbed, Nervous, Worried, Stressed, Aggressive, Exasperated

=Yellow-Orange (Amber To Flame~Gold/Brass)- Mixed Emotions, Lovable, Emotional, Passionate, Sincere, Concerned, Challenged, Flaring Moods, Confused, Cool, Aloof, Sad, A Little Nervous, Upset

=Yellow (Olive To Golden~Topaz)- Ok Feeling, Luke-Warm, Vague, Bored, Emotions Mixed, Ambitious, Cautious, Many Thoughts, Intent, Distracted, Discomforted, Unsettled, Strained, Insecure, Foreboding

=Green-Yellow (Green Amber To Lime~Peridot)- Mixed Emotions, Hopeful, Excitable, Expectant, Romantic, Restless, Edgy, Fiery Mood, Contrary, Irritated, Worried, Troubled, Uneasy, Distressed, Fear

=Green (Jade Green To Light Green~Emerald)- Average Reading; Normal, Neutral, No Great Stress, Fine, Calm, Easily Amused, Alert, Involved, Sensitive, Touchy, Ambivalent, Inner Disquiet, Envy, Jealousy

=Blue-Green (Teal To Cyan~Aquamarine)- Inner Reading; Normal, Easy-Going, Inner Emotions Charged, Somewhat Relaxed, Emotional, Flirtatious, Stimulated, Upbeat, Surprised, Puzzled

=Blue (Royal Blue To Light Blue~Sapphire)- Happy, At Ease, Calm, Relaxed, Near Bliss, Lively, Joyful, Coasting, Peaceful, Contented, Tranquil, Composed, Pleasant, Warm, Lovable

=Dark Blue (Midnight Blue To Twilight Blue~Tanzanite)- Very Happy, Total Bliss, Very Relaxed, Subdued, Inner Harmony, Peacefulness, Satisfied, Passionate, Love-Struck, Romantic, In Love

=Violet-Blue (Indigo To Lavenflower~Iolite)- Contented, Deeply Relaxed, Extremely Happy, Intensely Passionate, In Love, Very Romantic, Feeling Great, The Ultimate Mood - At Your Best

=Violet (Deep Violet To Lavender~Sugulite)- Preoccupied, Moody, Irked, Mischievous, Mystical, Intrigued, Emotionally Excited, Sensual, Physically Charged, Blissful, Happy, Passionate, In Love, Romance

=Red-Violet (Aubergine To Mauve~Amethyst)- Moody Passions, Violent Love, Romantic, Aflame, Emotionally Peaking, Over The Edge, Hyper, Infuriated, Surging Energies, Ballistic, Despair, Unhappy

=Fuchsia (Magenta To Pink~Rose Quartz)- All Right, At Rest, Calm, Mellow, Happy, Warm, Affectionate, Love Glow, Resonant, Thoughtful, Cool, Curious, Unanswered Questions, Mystified, Fear, Wonder

=Gray (Storm Gray To Stone Gray~Silver/Titanium)- Neutral, At Rest, Cool, Aloof, Inhibited, Little Emotion, Unconcerned, Tired, Depressed, Sad, Uneasy, Afraid, Very Anxious, Worried

=White (Moonstone To Ice Mist~Ivory/Opal)- Meditative, Restrained Mood, Philosophical, Temperate, Not Much Enthusiasm, Indifferent, Bored, Confused, Frustrated, Strained, Astounded, Intense Fear

=Clear (Ice Blue To Crystal~Diamond)- Psychic Perceptions, Pure Visions, Surreal Quality, Elusive, Fear, Unreal Moods, Mental Void, Completely Emotionless, Mood Ring Not Real; Faux, Fraud

=Mist Blue (Steel Blue To Cat Eye Blue~Sillimanite)- Cool, Wistful, Questioning, Wondering, Somewhat Odd Feelings, Suspicious Of, Forlorn, Wanderlust, Longing, Pining For, Sorrowful, Despair

=Green Sky (Spring Green To Cat Eye Green~Chrysolite)- Calm, Relaxed, Nonchalant Emotions, Pondering, Discerning, Inquiring, Searching For, Interested, Bemused, Inquisitive, Surprised

Rarer Mood Ring Colors

=Blue Flame (Blue Amber To Cobalt~Blue Topaz)- Radiant, Aglow, Enamored, Love, Desirable, Lambent, Reminiscent Passions, Mellow, Collected, Warm, Genuine Concerns, Intuitive, Suspended Disbelief

=Blue/Green/Yellow (Verdigris To Unique Green~Euclase)- Deep Heartfelt Contemplation, Sensitive Emotional Serenity, Sincere/ Thoughtful, Wavering Moods, Shifting/Tremulous Mode

=Violet/Green (Deep Teal To Indigo/Green~Chrysocolla)- Upbeat Motivation, Emotional, Intuitive, Slightly Unpredictable, Mostly Relaxed Mood, Contented/Delighted, Rejuvenated, Having A Sense Of Ease

=Violet/Brown (Purple Taupe To Gray Indigo/Blue~Axinite)- Distant Hope, Lost, Disenchanted, Lurking Emotions, Moody, Dreary, Nervous, Mystical Depths Of Feeling, Retrospective, Mysterious Notions

=Green/Brown (Umber Shadow To Green/Red~Chrysoberyl)- Muted, So-So, Cooler, Pressured, Off-Set, Stressed, Antagonized, Tedious Emotions, Tiresome, Misguided Thoughts, Weird Moods, Aggravated

=Gray/Beige (Taupe/Haze To Silvered Dusk~Siderite)- Misguided, Feeling Unpredictable, Malcontented, Angst, Extremely Worried With Fear, Sad, Anxious, Strained, Nervous, Tensed

=Pink Coral (Autumn Blush To Yellow-Pink~Morganite)- Fine, Mild, Blissful, Optimistic, Excellent Vibes, Evocative, Mischievous, Effected, Slight Moodiness, Somewhat Concerned, Impatient, Misgivings

======Rainbow (Paisley To Psychedelic~Ammolite)- Emotions Are Overly Reactive, Constant Mood Changes, Indescribable, High Energy, Hyper, Wild, Extremely Moody, Conflicted, Disorganized

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