I'm a bit embarrassed of the old one...Here's my new one (or the beginnings of it)

“Humans only see what they want to see. You don't use your whole minds.” He paused, his blue black eyes bored into mine. “It's the ones like you though that vex us. You see more than you should, and that dearie” He sharply poked my nose leaving a pin p***k of blood. “puts you in danger.” A grin spread across his face; his teeth were as inhuman as the rest of him. Sharpened to shark like points, they set me even more off ease than the mossy tint to his skin, and the sharp talons that grew from his finger tips. “Well dolly, I'll see you later.” He said finally and vanished. The faint smell of nutmeg and lavender lingering in the room was the only sign that he had ever existed.

A sigh escaped my lips. Ren was going to be so pissed, I hadn't gotten one answer he wanted. Like, why were they suddenly taking people again? Who was behind all the crap going on downtown right now? No all I had gotten was that I was in danger because I have the sight, and some vague answers to who my father is. I pushed myself away from the wall being careful not to attract any attention, human or fey. I was going to be in heaps of trouble if anyone caught me.

The streets of San Francisco were bustling with people. It was tourist season, and that meant people with fanny packs and huge cameras lined the streets. All the locals were either selling something of avoiding the massive crowds. I pushed through a couple taking a picture with a cooked duck strung up by a rope hanging morbidly from the shop window, and turned down the alley way next to the run down Chinese restaurant.

“What took you so long?” I heard Rens voice before I saw him. His voice was soft and sweet, kind of like candy, but underneath I could hear the predatory possessiveness that he always had over his current “love”. It was obvious to her he was expecting someone else, not his little half sister, to walk through the door. I could see the disappointment cloud his face as he looked at me. “Hey sis.” He laughed “I wasn't expecting you.”

“Well I live here, so maybe it shouldn't be a surprise every time I walk in the door.” I sneered. We loved each other in our own way. We were all the family we had left. I made my way over to the filthy couch in the corner and sat down silently praying that whatever girl he had been charming would walk through the door.

She didn't.

“So, my darling sister, what did you get.” Ren said trying to sound nice. He was charming, but nice? Never. She had grown up with him. She had seen the way he played with girls and then ripped there hearts out her whole life. Even now she knew that he loved her, but that didn't mean he wouldn't hurt her.

“Nothing.” I said waiting for the rage to well up inside him. Waiting for the storm to come.

And the storm did come. I spent the next hour narrowly dodging furniture, and trying to reason with him, calm him down. He threw profanity at me like it was something physical; sometimes I could feel the sting of his words like a knife in my side, but I pushed it to the back of my mind, it was nothing I hadn't heard before. Finally I managed to escape just as a the musty chair he had been lounging in earlier hit the door and splintered. “GODDAMMIT TERRA!” Ren screeched before the heavy metal door slammed shut.

I ran out into the tide of people crowding the China Town street. For the first time in my life I was thankful it was tourist season. It was so easy to get lost in the huge crowds surging down the side walk, and it would take hours for Ren to find me if he came looking. I moved quickly through the sea of bodies not caring who I pushed out of the way, just trying to put as much distance between Ren and I as possible. I stopped in front of my hideaway. A squat little building where an enormous neon sign . Plastered with a fierce looking dragon with jaws agape waiting to swallow up anyone who entered it kept the tourist and other unwanted guest away. Underneath the dragon was a name painted in bold thick lines Jade Dragon Tattoo.

I pushed the door open and was immediately comforted by the gentle hum of the tattoo gun, it told me Shi was here and that he was laboring away on someones skin. Creating something beautiful as he always did. “Hey Shi. I need to chill her for awhile.” I called out trying not to sound as nearly as desperate as I was. A moment later the hum stopped replaced by a few words too muffled to hear through the walls.

Shi was unnaturally tall and thin, his skin was covered head to toe in tattoos that if you looked closely enough flowed over his skin like water, never in the same place twice. Shi was one of the Fey, and possibly the only one who didn't want her dead.

“Ren?” He asked with a little bit of an edge in his voice. He had never liked Ren, and it was probably because he was a little over protective of me. I had always had a sneaking suspicion that he had known my father, but whenever I tried to bring him up Shi dismissed my comments with a simple “Your my responsibility now. Lets leave it at that.” and refused to speak another word on the subject. All I really knew about him is that he had always been there when I needed him. He was like my equivalent of one of those really cool uncles that always have your back. The one you always know you can trust, no matter what.

“Yea, we got in a fight. Just give him a few days to calm down and I'll be out of your hair.” I replied as I practically feel into one of the padded chairs scattered around the room.
“He's gonna kill you one of these days. I know you live under the delusion that he still loves you, but come on.” He sat down in the chair next to me. It still amazed me how graceful they were, even just watching him sit down made her feel like some clumsy clown.

“He loves me Shi. I know he does. He just thinks it's my fault our mothers dead. Heck! It probably is. I can't blame him for not being able to forgive me.” I took a deep breath in, the lack of sleep was finally catching up to me.

“Where have you been the past few days anyway?” Shi questioned. I started to reply but Shi cut me off “ You look terrible. Save the story till after you get a few hours of sleep.” I was beginning to protest when a yawn cut me off. Shi was right I needed sleep