I have been out of town for two weeks now or pritty close to it. I am going to go to disney today..I have had a good time here ,but I do beleave it would have been better if james had been here with me the whole or most of the time,but I can't complane he did come down here to see me and I had a blast while he was down here...I have been down here for work and I have worked every day since I have been here,I am not complaining, but I am tired from it and hope to relax now that today is the last day here....I do miss james alot....I have been depressed for the last few days though I think I am getting home sick or atleast james sick hee hee hee hee...but I am also up set cause I am getting so tired of every one telling me what I need to do and what I can and can not have, I work for my money just like every one else this is the first year where I have money to do christmas and I am being told how I have to spend my money that I worked for. I know they mean well and are just looking out for me and that they think this is best for me. They also think because the people I want to buy for (family) have not done much for me in the past year but cause problems for us ,he thinks I should just not do nothing for them. but thats not me ,they are my family and it is a time to forgive and be happy and to make happy ,and this has been a hard time for all of use with loss and other problems that I am not geting into at this time.I some what understand what they mean but I should not be told how I have to spend what I work hard for and it not that they told me it's more that they demanded it,it would have been better if they has suggested it instead of telling me I have to do it ,I get defiant when I am told I HAVE TOO do something,instead of descussing it or asking me what I think of it or how I feel about it or if I even want to do it...It really up set me,there have been other things in play to but I am not going into it right now . you know who you are...but to be nice I am not saying names as to not make you look like a major but ,or to inbarass you..but I had to voice my thought some where