Who The Hell Is Jimmy?

So your probably asking your self who on earth is this jimmy kid?


Well im sorry to tell you this but. . you will have to read this if you want to find out!

My name is Jenny and im 17 years old. I was born on the 23rd of July in 1991.
I live in Canada, Ottawa,Ontario with my mom and sister April.
I have two dog Joey is a toy Poodle and Lily shes a Maltese. I also have a kitty cat named Ellas shes a Calico. And Chucky hes my teddy bear hamster.
My father lives with my grandma. My grandma dosent like me at all and my fathers side also hates me.

(I know there jerks huh?. . anyways)

Im a pretty shy person most of the time and sometimes im WAY to hyper. And also im pretty nice unless you tick me off and thats kinda hard to do.

My Hair is a natural dark brown.
My eyes are hazel i guess? kinda brown and greenish at times.

I have pretty normal nick names. Jen,Monkey,Jimothy,Jimmy and Jims.
The only reason im called Jimmy is because of my teacher in grade 9. She was a french teacher and couldnt say my name properly. (my name isnt that hard to say. . is it?)


My boyfriends name is Mike and I lovey love love him.♥♥♥♥♥ x 50000

I love the very few friends I do have.

I REALLY hate rude people and people who are extremely mean to others!

Favorite Color[s]: Red,Purple,Black,Light Blue,Light And Dark Pink.

Favorite Animal[s]: Pretty much ever thing but I love foxys!

I enjoy watching hockey just like every Canadian.

I LOVE clothes. I have a very unique way to dress so I have no clue what I am.

Well thats about it I guess.