Last night My aunt Phyllis, my cuz Gunnar(G-Man) and I were burning cardboard boxes in the fire pit in the back yard. Gunnar was running around being a total nutcase (SUGAR ALL DAY). He went and got a big box and made it into a tank (he's 7 so it was mostly his imagination). He put it next to me and climbed in. I started to hit the box saying it was enemy artillery. He called me a german and i told him i wasn't cuz i can't speak german. So he started yelling at me in German which was so funni. I told him i like his Japanese better. He looked at me werid and i told him to speak japanese. He ducked into the box and shut it. THen he jumped up with his arms in the air and yelled GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL OMG what a RIOT! I was rolling around on the ground!