So I have a poetry project due... Monday. Have to compile a pretty little notebook with 10 origional poems. I'm quite the little poet, so I already have which ones I'm putting in there. I wrote the last two today. Ahaha. I've posted some of them before, but here they all are, in their poetry notebook fantasticality, complete with some epic comments by the creator and the date which they were created:

Carpe Diem
February 17th, 2009

"Seize the day."
Sounds simple enough, does it not?
Each day is a gift,
And not a given right.
We only get one life,
Why waste it?
Ignore these "rules",
The commonly accepted dictums,
And live life.

Your life is that:
No one can make you live it any certain way,
It is simply up to you.
It's your story.
Not all of us are writers,
But that is no excuse.
Our stories should be our own.
Don't plagerize.
Don't write your story based on another's.

You don't have to be rash,
Insane, or daring.
Merely make each day
Something you can look back on,
And know you lived.

Coments: A great phrase, the arrangement of the poem's stanzas was just to break the simplicity of the day that I wrote it in.

She's Thinking of You
July 2nd, 2009

She's thinking of you
As she stands on this on this chair
She's thinking of you
As the wind molests her hair
She's thinking of you
As her hands are bound behind her back
She's thinking of you
As the noose is looped around her neck
She's thinking of you
As she stares down the crowd
She's thinking of you
As she holds her head up proud
She's thinking of you
As she spots your face
She's thinking of you
As her eyes turn colder than frozen disgrace
She's thinking of you
As they kick her chair
She's thinking of you
As the wind stops in midair
She's thinking of you
As the lights leave her eyes
She's thinking of you
As you fall for her disguise

Comments: I woke up one day last summer, and the lines of this poem were bouncing around in my head. I finally got out of my comfortable little bed and wrote it down. I keep changing my mind as to what it is supposed to mean. In the eyes of the reader I suppose.

Sad String of Metal
November 14th, 2008

This sad string of metal,
With the jagged, broken charm.
It's my little piece of you.
It remains with me,
Even when you're gone.
I may not know where you are,
Or what excuse you'll have next,
But I have this sad string of metal,
With the jagged, broken charm.

I keep this thing that's yours
Right next to my heart.
This sad string of metal,
With the jagged, broken charm.
It keeps company to my
Sad, little heart
With its wounded, broken beat.

Does this sad string of metal,
With the jagged, broke charm,
Heal the sad little heart,
In its own unique way?

Could you please inform
This sad little girl,
With the sad little heart,
With its wounded, broken beat,
What this sad string of metal,
With the jagged, broken charm,

Comments: This poem is obviously about a silly little necklace that was given to me by a guy. blaugh It was his, and he said he'd never take it off. As it turns out, that necklace was "accidently" broken and given back to him. Oops? ^^;

Emotion and Reason
Originally November 26th, 2008
Revised February 19th, 2009

Tangled up inside her mind,
Where is this "escape" she longs to find?
Her thoughts weave into a noose,
Her heart implores: "cut me loose?"
Her mind laughs and instills a chill,
All this pain gives it a thrill!
A neverending war between emotion and reason,
In which this girl constantly faces treason.
Emotion, once so adamant and strong,
Has turned into a naive child that sobs all day long.
Reason, once the angel of Logic,
Has become Vengeance, eager to trick.
Sorrow and Vengeance, the two fighting now,
Neither explain the who or why or how.
And this poor, unfortunate girl, the battle field,
She is left without her frozen shield.
This sheild formed by freezing her tears
Was melted by her Rage at her fears.
Thanks to Emotion and Reason waging this war,
She is left alone with her insanity once more.

Comments: Not much to say. I really like this one though. It's very accurate. smile

Underwhelming Calm
February 20th, 2009

The ticking has stopped.
Explosions cannot be topped.
But the booming is gone...
What has been done?
What can this be?
An underwhelming catastrophe!
You have got to be kidding!
This is all I'm getting?
A sin is a sin,
I'll say it again!
Nemesis, enforcer of Fate...
I was expecting a rough play date...
I'm writing this psalm,
In this underwhelming calm,
And I cannot help but wonder,
Whose spell am I under?

Comments: My friend seems to believe that this is a rap. I dislike rap, so that is a NO. stare

Love vs. Fear
February 26th, 2009

It is quite surreal,
This thing that we all feel.
It can make you act as you normally would not,
It can give you a burden like wading in snot.
Having the power to immobilize
Makes this emotion sure to terrorize.
It strikes the strong and the weak,
The outgoing and the meek.
It can make you brave,
It can make you a slave.
You can see it in your eyes,
Sometimes simply as a disguise.

Now tell me, my dear,
Is this love or fear?

Comments: I was going to take out the snot part, but it gave it a slightly humorous tone. And I didn't feel like messing with it anymore.

February 26th, 2009

She's dancing along the razor's edge,
Pulsing beats push her to the ledge.
A guitar riff from the end,
Then into the background she must blend.
Just balancing on the tip of the blade,
Sealing her soul into this masquerade.
Twirling 'round from thought to though,
She simply cannot get caught!
Swirling through these truths and lies,
She laughs at the dark night skies.
Only they can dream to see through her eyes.
Only for them does she let down her disguise.
Her eyes twinkle as she smiles,
Her fears multiplying all the while.
Cowering behind her complex laughter and voice
Lies a girl horrified to make her choice.
The world is her pearl,
Her dreams soon to unfurl.
But that one word induces glee and sorrow,
That one word her mind utters: "Tomorrow."
The possibilies are neverending!
But one day does not mean another pending...

Comments: The references to a razor and a blade are not referring to anything related to self-mutilation. They are referring to that phrase that means anything would send you over one side of the place you stand. I don't know how to explain it, but my friends simply will not let me live it down. razz

The Dreaded
February 27th, 2009

A frostbitten harpie is what she is.
She makes blood boil and saliva fizz.
Her gaze is her gun, and it's not set on stun.
Her motives are hidden,
Her teeth bug-ridden.
Her claws strike your heart,
And you shall play your part
Because you're her next mark,
You mishievious little lark!
She pops into your life
Without guilt or strife
To torment your soul and core,
Oh she's an imminently horrendous bore!
Her aim is no playful game.
She's out to put you to shame.
Tell your mother, your brother, your preacher,
It's the dreaded substitute teacher!

Comments: Hahaha. We were supposed to be writing poetry for the project this is all for, and we had a sub. She is despised by nearly everyone, and she decided to go off on our class for no reason. So I wrote this so I wouldn't strangle her 746 year old self.

February 28th, 2009

I long for your lips...
When you're speaking to someone else.
I long for your touch...
When you're holding someone else.
I long for your glance...
When you're looking at someone else.

I long for your companionship...
When you're not with me.
I long for your silly words...
When I remember ones you've said.
I long to hear your heartbeat...
When you're just over there.

I long to make you laugh...
When someone's made you mad.
I long to tell you I love you...
When I think of you and smile.
I long to place you in my life for good...
When I know that that cannot, and will not, happen.

I do not long for you simply when you are with someone else,
I merely want you all to myself.

Comments: I'm not much for mushy, lovey dovey, nonsense. Sometimes it is unavoidable. sweatdrop

A Release
February 28th, 2009

Such a simple thing.
Writing exists to release.
Feelings locked away.

Under lock and key,
Such a burden thoughts can be.
Merely struggling.

These thoughts rule our mind.
Paper they despise.
In our minds they wish to stay.

Locked up tightly,
Snuggled in their secrecy,
Exposed by me.

Writers kidnap them,
And expose them to the world,
While the paper laughs.

Comments: Five haikus strung together. I particularly like it.

And that, my friends, is my poetry notebook project. Comments are very much appreciated. :]