Stephanie A. Angcay II- Mangga

Title: Little Princess
Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett

Sara Crewe - the main character of the story. She is a romantic little girl, and is also very kind and clever. She can learn everything quickly, and has a great deal of imagination. She likes to pretend that she was a princess, even in her hardest time.

Captain Ralph Crewe - Sara's father. He treats Sara with everything she likes, and likes to talk to Sara in French at home. He later invests all his money in finding a diamond mine with a friend and fails. In the end, he dies of brain-fever and Sara's fate changes.

Miss Minchin - the headmistress of the seminary. She is a worldly woman, so worldly that she brags the richest pupil and abuse the poors in her seminary.

Emily - the doll Captain Crewe buys for Sara. Sara treats her as if she were her own daughter most of the time.

Mariette - Sara's personal French maid. She is laid off the next day after the bad news of Sara's father fails in diamond mines reaches Miss Minchin's ears and Sara herself becomes almost a school maid.

Jessie - Lavinia's best friend in school.

Lavinia Hubert - the richest pupil before Sara's arrival at the seminary. She is very dominant toward people, and is very jealous of Sara before Captain Crewe loses his fortune. She also laughs at Sara when Sara is drudged.

Miss Amelia - Miss Minchin's sister.

Becky - a scullery maid who is always drudged in the seminary. She consoles Sara when Sara's fate changes, and spends a lot of time with Sara as Sara's attic is next to hers.

Mr. Carrisford -- the friend who talks Captain Crewe into investing in the diamond mine. He has been looking for Sara for two years, but he never knows that the hungry, drudged girl in the right hand attic is exactly the little girl he is searching for. It is when Sara brings his escaped little monkey back from her attic that he knows that the poor child he is helping is Captain Crewe's daughter.


Little Sara is the dearest treasure of her loving, wealthy father who has lost his wife when Sara was still a little child. She has grown up in India but she is going to go to school in England. So it happens that she enters Miss Minchin's Select Seminary for Young Ladies in London. Her father must return to India and Sara tries to get used to her new surroundings.

Although Miss Minchin feels a grudge against Sara due to an unfortunate incident, she uses her as a show pupil for the seminary. For Sara's father is wealthier than all other fathers and Sara wears the most expensive and elegant frocks and even has got her own carriage. No wonder she is envied by Lavinia, the oldest pupil in class and former teacher's pet. But Sara also gains good friends, her schoolmates.

But Sara's life is going to change completely. On one day, her birthday, the horrible news of the ruin and even death of her father reach her. Sara doesn't have a penny to call her own and with her father gone there's nobody left on the world whom she belongs to. Miss Minchin takes the chance and makes Sara a scullery-maid just like Becky. From now on she has to work hard for the seminary and Miss Minchin and Lavinia are not the ones who spare indigent drudges. However, her friends don't let her down and Sara fights hard and manages to master her new life and with her imagination, sharp mind and inner strength, to indeed stay A Little Princess inside.


“Don’t take everything for granted”
- Just like what Miss Minchin’s were doing. She is a worldly woman or a materialistic woman, so worldly that she brags the richest pupil and abuses the poor in her seminary.