For weeks now the battle between the vampires and demons were pretty much in order, and now all the enemies did was wait.
Sayuri grew tired of hearing the aweful things the vampires were shouting. It made her sick and stay inside her room or wander the great halls. After an hour or so of walking she found her father and brother together looking at the map with mini soldier men ontop of it. She let out a small sigh and headed in. "Really are you two just gonna go over all thhis till your eyes fall out of your head?" Sayuri smiled at the two then noticed their layout. She saw how the vamps would flank out the demon army from the trees, seeing how her fathers army out numbered the demon army by a long shot, which really for her didn't make any sense.
"I really don't understand....why would the demons fight us if they don't have a large number? What do they plan on accomplishing?"

"My dear sister, numbers do not matter....they can still oer power us even if we have a large army, we could be wiped out if we do not plan this correctly." Serious would say looking at his father, who was deep in thought not really saying anything. Serious then looked back Sayuri putting a hand on her shoulder softly, "Things will be ok, you are pretty much right though, there is a very very low chance we will be over taken."

"I just wish there was some way I could help..." Sayuri looked at her fathe aswell seeing him not even giving her any eye contact knowing what she wanted, but ignored her completely. Sayuri looked at Serious wishing he would say somthing, but as a good son he just shook his head.

"You know, as we have told you before, we can't allow you to go into the battle field, even though you are a great fighter."
Sayuri nodded and headed out, she was was so agravated, annoyed that the only purpose in her life was to marry some man and provide an heir. It was nfair and she was going to disobey her fathers commands and get into that battle...somehow.

After months went by things were getting out of hand. The demon king still had not set a date for this big battle. He was planning somthing, which wasn't good. As days did go by a new great fighter had entered the vampire kingdome. He had challenged many opponents and had victory on every fight that was thrown at him. Nero was pleased to welcome this Knight who wore black armor and almost never removing his helmet.
After another final battle the knight approached the king then bowedfor a moment, then stood very straight, almost perfect up and down. "My great fighter, to what do I owe you this honor?" Nero asking, walking to him with such a glee smile. "I am sure you and my son will be great victors killing all the demon scum that walk the lands. I must know your name."

"You can call me Raziel, nothing more....And i will gladly serve you my King." His voice deep, sounding very powerful and full of courage and yet...abit...dark.

"Please remove your helmet Raziel...So i can look into the eyes of the man who will win me the battle." Nero said, taking a step back so as to give him room.

Raziel looked then placed his hand on his helmet removing it slowly, then let his long black hair fall to his lowr back almost touching his upper part of his bottom. He was a very gorgeous, handsome man. It was almost unreal to have seen such a man with those striking yellow eyes with black slits in in his narrow orbs. He would look around then back at his king. His lips closed together with no emotion on them, neither happy or mad just a look as in deep thought. He again bowed to his king then shot a glance at the beautiful woman who sat very still, with all silk covering her body. For a moment he held his look at he along with his breath,r then quickly shot back to the king remembering his place and also remembering to breath.
"It is an honor to be here in your presence my lord, I will fight to save this kingdome and your family."

"Excellent, and we are filled with gratitude to have you part of this." Nero then looked at his daughter and son then back at Raziel. "Please come meet my son and daughter.."

When Nero mentioned daughter Raziel automaticaly shot a glance at Sayuri once more, thinking a creature such as herself was more glamourous then ever. He then looked back at Nero and nodded.
"I would be delighted if i could meet them." Raziel said fallowing nero to the two who stood there patiently. Nero then touched Serious on the shoulder gloating about his son. "Now Raziel, yoou may be a good fighter....But my son here is a pretty skillfull legionnaire.He has killed hundreds of demons and will continue to do so, and i am sure you two will be great comerads."
Serious bowed his head as did Raziel, both respectiong one another. "I look forward to it." Serious adding then looked over at Sayuri who stood there calmly, then noticed her father turn to her.
"And this..," Nero said with a proud smile, taking her hand delicately. "This is my beautiful daughter, Sayuri....My most prized possesion."

"Please to make your aquaintance lord Raziel." Sayuri said bowing to him respectful looking down a bit shy and bashful, since thinking he was very atractive not wanting to look like a fool in anyway, shape or form.

"The pleasure miss sayuri," He smiled taking her hand, placing a gentle kiss onto her soft white skin, "is all mine....I feel very lucky to be in the presense of a gorgeous anel such as yourself." He then let her hand go as she held it there for a moment then placed her hand at her side looking down with a slight blush.

"I do not deserve such courtesy, But i thank you." She looked into his eyes seeing a soft smile slide onto his lips.

Raziel then looked back to the king letting out some air that he held in his lungs while speaking to Sayuri, "I will stay and help, you have my alliegiance" He bowed to the king on one knee then stood. He turned heading out to the knights courters which was in the castle itself, he being close if any danger were to come. The crowd that was in the throne room slowly emptied leaving leaving Serious, Sayuri and Nero.

"Well i think he will be indeed a big help to this battle and war, Serious you just may learn a few things from him." Nero said begining to walk for his room up the stairs.

"Father.." Serious said, leaving Sayuri, heading up the stairs with his Nero, "For some reason I feel as though that maybe we shouldn't put all our trust into this Raziel...somthing about him puts me on edge."

"Serious....I know you can be a little over protective on somthings, but not this...I trust him as should you, now i say good night." Nero walked off iritated at his son sort of ruining his evening.
Serious just stood there almost shocked that his own father would take the word of a stranger...but not hs own son. He then headed down to sayuri who still stood there looking down, Knowing Serious was upset. He walked right passed her ignoring her a bit angered. Sayuri let outa soft sigh and fallowed him. "He does trust you...and he loves you, he just thinks that you don't trust his decisions and it makes him upset, thinking hs own son is not there with him....At least try to look happy about it, he is doing this for you serious-"

"NO....He is doing it for you. I am his general, a chess piece, doing only what i am told to do...." He said looking at her feeling slightly hurt then walked out of the castle doors.
Sayuri stood there never had been yelled at by her brother, which really hurt. She then just decided to walk to the gardens needing fresh air and the need t be alone. But right as she headed for the throne doors a man came whizing by her, he was short like a gnome or dwarf. "Sorry mam...I NEEDTOSEETHEKINGQUICKLY" He shouted his words put all together, making it hard to understand him.
Raziel heard this annoying little gnome and witnessed it run into Sayuri. " show respect, you will bow to the princess of vampires-"

"No it is quite alright Raziel...Now...what is it ?"

The little man looked at her then black knight and sighed taking a deep breath. "The demon king has decided that the battle shall be held next week, Friday....he also has a message for the Vampire King. Jus as he said he whipped out a note and saw Nero walk down the stairs seeing the three stand there. "What is going on now?" He would ask a bit agitated still from earlier.
"Father this man has a note for you from the Demon king-"

"My lord I would let me have a look at that..." Raziel said interupting Sayuri then took the note. "You never know what may be on this note. He opened it and his eyes scanned the letter. He then had his yellow orbs stare up at Sayuri then at his king. He walked over handing the note to Nero then looked at Sayuri again, and once the king was finished reading his note he looked at her aswell.
Sayuri grew nervous raising a brow. "What is it."

"Whatch for your treasure..." Raziel said looking hard at her. "The target is you....He must know as well as the res of us you are the key of the survival of the royal family.....The demon men....will be after kill you."

Sayuri's heart pounded and went over looking at the note the up at her father. He held her close knowing she was a bit frightened. "Raziel I think you have worried my daughter enough. I want your men aswell as mine on search on all hours of the day and night."
"Yes my lord....there is one more thing...the Demon king is ready for battle next week he plans o attacking. I promise you we will be ready." Raziel said standing there straight then bowed walking past the two. "I do apologize if i did scare you my lady....I promise to protect you at any cost." The went out to gather all the vampire knights and guards having them on patrol throughout the day.

As for Sayuri and Nero they just held one another. Sayuri was abit frightened then let her father go. "I will be ok...I promise. Serious and Raziel will look out for us father....there is no need to fret." He nodded agreeing with her then sighed kissing her foehead and headed back to his room up the stairs. The little man watched then walked away leaving sayuri in the throne room.....alone.