Allison, When I first met her, I just thought, "just another normal girl" Ha, wasnt I wrong. Its along story, so long story short. Allison liked me and I really didnt like her. So just didnt pay attention to her. So over the weeks, I liked the girl who came over everyday, Kae. We went out for a while. But it didnt really work out, we fight way to much, so know we are just friends. But after a while, I started to like this girl who rides our bus, Kenya. Shes really nice, and I heard she liked me to. Allison also heard. Allison knew, that soon me and Kenya would go out. She didnt like the sound of that. I just found out today, she was spreading rumors about Me and Kenya. Stuff like, Im a pimp and I have 5 other girlfriends so no one would go wit me, and that I already go wit Kenya and I kissed her and took her Virginity. All that stuff. NOT TRUE. So when I heard this I was so pissed. I decided to send her a strongly-worded email. Now because of these rumors, Im not sur if I can ever go wit Kenya. Damn I hate that b***h Allison.