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I'm not afraid to speak my mind, and I don't care what people think about me or what they say about me. So if you have something to say to me, go tell it to someone to cares.
I don't care.
Wipe Out
Okay. We were all tubing. On the lake, yknow, speedboat, rope, innertube....SO it was me, Eric, Will (Eric's brother), Eric and Will's dad (someone who my dad grew up with, since my dad (and him( grew up here in these cottages), my Uncle Lee, Nathan (my lil bro), LeeAnne (my cuzin), and my dad. We were out in the speedboat, with a four person tube. It got to the point where Eric and I were wining to go together, just the two of us sow e culd go really fast, so they let us. I sat in between two of the seats, adn so did Eric. And we were going super fast, and I wuld do stupid and pointless things like stand up and hold on with one or no hands, and change position, or let go, or face backwards, and stuff, and when we would go outside the wake, I would hold on too hard and since I'm light, I wuld accidentally pull my side with me and I'd end up leaning on Eric (while the boat was turning, and the tube was out of the wake) and the tube would fold over on top of us. And while it was folded at one point, I let go. (Stupid me) and I was on Eric's lap, and we were going to fast, sop I couldn't get up. We were laughing while Eric was holding on to the handles for dear life, and I was holding onto him. And then the top of my swimsuit came untied o.o like the part around my neck, so I had to hold on for both me AND Eric while he tied it >///< It was so embarassing. Yeah...never wear bikinis while tubing...>.> And anyway, after that, I let go and held onto him and he held onto the handles. ANd finally I couldnt take it anymore, so as I was saing how i desereved to fall off, cuz I was doing stupid things, I stood up (again, stupid me) right as we hit a huge wave/bump, and I flew backwards into the air and did a 360 and skidded across the water, and then spun face first into it. And I was spinning and I culdnt breathe and I was choking and stuff, and finally I reached the top (thank god for lifejeackets) and then I was dizzy and I heard everyone laughing and screaming. I culdn't feel anything from my hips down, so they drove over and pulled the tube in, since I grabbed on, and they pulled me onto the boat and they had to take my lifejacket off and sit me down becuz I culd walk. And so then we went back to the dock, and i culdn't get up or walk, so my Uncle Lee carried me home and then I collapsed in a heap on the floor with Eric and Will and everyone came in and they were all talking about maybe taking me to the ER, and telling em I can't sleep or I'll go into a coma. So I can't sleep. or move. And I'm super sore. My ankled, shoulders, back, and neck hurt like s**t. I can't feel my hips legs or feet. So I'm laying in my bed. Eric and Will are here, too. Arguing over what movie to watch >.>

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