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"A bird doesn't sing because it has the answer, it sings because it has a song."
Colours Reference
This is a personal reference for my favorite color schemes here on gaia. I'm just making is so I have something I can personally refer to when looking around and organizing wishlists and stuff. Not relevant to anyone else or the general public lol

(images screencapped from some random color scheme guide I found, not compiled by me)


---- Borealis (Polar blue + Borealis white + Aurora pink + Cream + Antique gold)
User Image

---- Winterberry (Wintermint + Raspberry + OffWhite + Cream + Antique Gold..also search wintermint, graham cracker, etc.)
User Image

---- Pale Bubblegum
User Image

---- Winterstorm (Polar/Ghostly + Dark Iris)/ Ghostly/Mournful = Sky blue/lily + Periwinkle (+ white)
User Image User Image

---- Catharsis (off-black, ivory, and Vintage Gold.. Antique, Cathartic, etc.)
User Image

---- Dandelion ( Dandelion blue + Ivory/Meringue White + Gilded Gold (+Offblack))
User Image

---- Dusk rose/Dust rose (dusky rose, dusty rose, ivory, offblack, ??)
User ImageUser Image

---- Meowgical? (dusk, amaranth, ivory.. gray/grey.. sometimes also called 'dusky')
User Image

---- Moth/Faint (Crepe, Ivory, Light Dusk Grey.. moth, ivory, crepe, light, and dusk)
User Image

---- Etoile ( Chiffon yellow + Seafoam + ivory?)
User Image

---- Rose Saga/Rosamund (raspberry (pink), antique gold, offblack, ivory?)
User Image

---- Verdigris /Verdant? (Verdigris teal+ Ivory + Vintage gold + Seafoam blue)
User Image

---- ??? (peony, cream, ivory, peach, magenta.. or fuschia, or liseran? counterfeit)
User Image


---- Saturn Purple and Antique Gold/Copper Gold
User Image

---- Velvetine (Black, tanzanite, eminence purple, antique or bronze gold)
User Image

---- Candygloss (cotton candy blue, candygloss pink, ivory, and graham cracker peach)
User Image

---- Wilted ( Dandelion blue + Liseran Purple + Offblack / ivory?)
User Image

---- Kaguya (Midori green, Amaranth, Ivory and Vintage.)
User Image

---- Pearlescent (pearl blonde, perla, beige, and ivory...similar to peony cream and wisteria purple)
User Image

---- St.Ciel ( or 'storge' or 'faithful') (porcelain, ivory, radiant gold.. basically the white and gold/ivory gold stuff?.. also could be 'midday' , muted gold, offwhite, ivory, cream)
User Image

SEARCH ON AVI-BUILDER/ just for fun/not to buy:

- Blushing
- Coral
- Burgundy
- Confectionery
- Decay!! (decayed/etc.)
- Diamond Dust
- Pebble
- enchanted (pink white and offblack?)
- Filigree
- Fireside
- Mist blue/Misty
- Goshiki (an orange and teal)
- Midori/ sour (similar to midori)
- Peach Bellini
- Kaleidoscopic (Larkspur, Marigold, Nostalgia, Moluccella, Amsonia and Catmint) !!!!!
- Konpeito (cool lilac and light blue thing)
- Marshlands
- Milan!! (light blue and yellow, similar to Etoile)
- Newborn (a blue yellow pink)
- Oxide!! (rust, oxidized, etc.)
- Peppymint (you already know) *(you own some peppymint)
- Peach/Peaches and Cream ( peach, beige, ivory, peony, cream, sable) *(you do own some of these)
- Ponderosa!!!!
- Swampberry!!!! (potpurri pink, )
- Sweetberry
- Vervain
- Vinland? idk..
- Wonderfun
- Wispberry
- Gloomy!

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