Secret Lover’s Last Date
She glanced at the clock on the dashboard of her mother’s car. She turned up the radio to one of her favorite songs. But the sounds faded off into the distance as her thoughts began to wander. “Today is the last day.” She thought sadly to herself. Her train of thought was shattered when her mom bellowed, “We’re here!” Slowly she unbuckled her seatbelt and got out of the car. Through the passenger’s window her mother called. “Now be safe and don’t do anything crazy okay?” “Yeah, mom. I got it already!” She quickly walked away before her mom could say anymore. “If only she knew.” She said under her breath.

She walked up and down the beach strip searching for the person she had come for. She finally gave up after looking everywhere and tried calling him. She only got his voicemail. Out of frustration she jammed her thumb on the end button and said out loud, “Where the hell is he?”