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my days in the realm of shadows
a summary of my adventures in and out of the shadow realm...from when i was a 9 year old shadow demon...and the customs of which i had to learn and know by heart or in my case my black shadow demon heart...which is now changiong to a heart of light
~Collars and Whips~ notes
Imma put stuff i need for referance, in a guild i'm in, in here.

Collars -

Black - Is for a violent, and aggressive slave who will disobey any chance it can get. It might defend its master but it is not likely. Dominant.
Red - Is for an aggressive slave but not necessarily a violent one who would disobey. This type of slave is more likely to defend his or her master. Both submissive and dominant, though might lean more towards dominant.
Pink - Usually flirtatious, is known to be kind but still fiery at heart. Might snap at their master or disobey once in a while but not as often as a slave with a black or red collar. Will defend their master some times. Both submissive and dominant
Blue - This is for the shy slave who might come out of it's shell once they know their master. Once they know their master they might be gentle, flirtatious but fiery as well. They will defend their master at all costs. Both submissive and dominant, though might lean more towards submissive.
White - Can be considered broken, will obey any command given. Friendly, gentle but shy. Will defend their master. Submissive.
Metal: Very strong and/or ferocious, highly skilled fighter, or unusually dangerous
Velvet: Sensual, seductive, and/or has expensive tastes
Jeweled: Rare and/or exotic
Lace: delicate or frail
book-intelligent very good with books can memorize things easily.
spark-intelligent very good with technology. computer skills that would be helpful with master/mistress
pentagram-has unreleased magical abilities.
Coal-scared,younge,and helpless.somtimes left outside.will not protect his/her master and will always try to escape.
Orange: possessive, most likely aggressive toward outsiders
Yellow: happy go lucky slave, very energetic and ready to do anything
Green: Nurturing and most likely to look after children
Camo: manly
Purple: loyal
Gray: demanding and most likely to be dominant.
clear= unpredictable, may save master one minute, may wish them death the next, these slaves normally have a split personality.

Charms -

Fangs - Can be used to fight for money
Sword and Shield - Can be used as body guard
Heart - Can be used for pleasure
Broom and Dust Pan - Can be used as a servant for cleaning and house work
Tea Cup - Can be used as a servant for tea and cooking
Hands Holding One Another - Can be used for companionship
White Pearl - Is A Virgin
Ruby: complete opposite of white pearl
Dancer/Music Note: can sing, dance, or play an instrument(s)
(charms and collars)

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