These people have donated very well or put a huge smile on my face, it doesnt have to be a huge amount, it's the heart that counts ; )
They will never be taken down &3
I love you guys, thank you sooo much!

AriiAlii - 50k. Oh my gawd. Thank youuu!! :'( &3333333333
epopt - Thank you Letter Feb 2008 (random donation) WTF?! TY!! &33333
Roses Are Forever - 22k, and again 10k Gahhh, Thankk youu!&33333 ;D
Paizy - 5k and a Midnight Black Sweet Lace Alice Bow &333 ;D
Mr Benzadrine - 8k and a loving mood bubble ;D &33
Roses Are Red x3 - 10k ;D &3
Neko Namida Ame - 10k ;D &3
HuangSheHuiMeiMei - 7.8k ;D &3
hershygrl - 7k ;D &3
sour_kitty - 5.7k and an angelic mood bubble ;D &3
Forkiie - 5k and a cig <33