User ImageGiles Kosta
Nicknames: Cain
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Mindbreaker
Age: 10
Alignment: Neutral
Birthplace: Ithaca, Greece
Weapons/Equipment: None

Like his sister, Giles has the potential to take complete control of another person’s mind. However, because of his inability to deal with his past, Angel has wiped his memories and emotions—and with them, his personality—taking any natural abilities he may have inherited from his family line with them. Instead, Giles is able to absorb any attack. Magical energies that connect with him go unused and are merely taken into him to be suppressed in some dark hole; perhaps the place where Angel has hidden his past.

Giles is able to commit any act without a second-thought in the absence of his personality, and because of his unintimidating nature, he is often able to take Angel’s enemies by surprise in battle.

If Angel dies, so does Giles. His mental dependence on her is so strong that is has formed into a physical manifestation. When left to his own devices (an admittedly rare occurrence) he also appears unstable, prone to outbursts and panic attacks.

Giles is completely controlled by his sister, but while most would find this disturbing, it is common in his family for members to be connected in such a way, and he will not protest. After all, it was Giles who asked Angel to do it in the first place.