This poem comes from a program i recently finished watching called Fruits Basket
thanks to this series i have been given the inspiration to write poetry again after a year... a special thanks to assassin of demise for telling me about this series
What im about to write comes from my heart and is what i feel so i will appreciate your comments
thank you

heart Suki heart

I know what its like to be told you dont belong
I know how Kyo felt being told he is wrong
To be told you are nothing time and again
To be all alone with not even a friend
I wish i was there to tell him i know
To not be afraid and to never leave home
To be shown your a freak an insignificant being
I wish i could tell him all my true feelings
I want to show that i can care
I want to prove that i can be there
Its hard when your different for no one to understand
I want to say i love you for you and take him by the hand
So now im not afraid of being past normal

I wont break it down i wont make it formal
I Love you Kyo cause your just like me
And once we accept it our lives will be free