My second day on Gaia online. Imet a mysterious Gaian while fishing. His name was xXDeath_Is_ImminentxX. He wore a black hood that hid a skeleton looking figure. I was surprised when he turned to me and spoke. We talked to each other and while we socialized we were trying to catch fish. He caught a variaty of aquatic creatures while I just caught old trash littered into the lake.I got fustrated and yelled"All I want is to catch some stupid fish so I can buy that Grunny costume!!!"
xXDeath_Is_ImminentxX looked at me and smirked and then anounced
"Thats it?Ha,Why didn't you say so?"
And he left.Then I waited...Waited...and waited.Until I noticed a voice behind me announcing"Look in your Inventory."
I checked and noticed a small package as I opened it I noticed, this guy's for real!
Out of nowhere I lifted upa little Grunny and I smiled with both enthusiasim and slight bit of confusion. I thought to myself:This must be my first friend on Gaia Online. burning_eyes