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da poon poon pow journal
livin' da pooniest life eva
holy s**t this ******** site is old as ******** gotta update this so i'm not a** raped in the future with this nostalgic baddy.
okay well, my name is troy, and i started this site a long time ago, like a long a** time ago. maybe like '07 maybe? idk i have no idea. okay um things about me, i'm a really simple person tbh. i'm from texas and i want to go to med school, preferably some school far away from home. i like d**k and v****a equally. i love being outside and being tumblr af bc whats better than feeling like a cute little boho queen. i have really prominent collarbones and a small a**, wait small everything (besides my disco stick). okay wtf where am i going with this. um my mindset is pretty straight forward: i see past all your flaws as long as you don't cross me. when you ******** with me, its over and you're out. i sound mean but don't worry, i am. but it's nice to have a lil' b***h like me in your life. i'm probably the most fun you can have in your life, like, if i saw me in public, i'd wanna ******** myself in the a**. wait, okay is this even an about me anymore wtf. i like playing video games, but i like to keep it a secret bc it's just something thats stuck with me since childhood. i love lana del rey the alternative queen aka my v****a holder aka my savior aka the b***h that made me buy like $100+ worth of her merchandise. yeah, you can say i'm obsessed i guess lol. i'm the most ambitious yet the most lazy person ever, it's a pretty bad combo with a side of fries. hopefully one day, someone will come into my life and ******** me off of my bed so i will do something other than sleep and eat. oh, i like to wear hats, i'm actually wearing a hat rn. i also like to online shop. i also like to drink starbucks or something that makes me look richer than the regular human being aka fiji water aka some fancy colored tea. i'm a big whore in the inside but i'm scared to show feelings towards anyone. i like to travel, bc it gives me a chance to imagine myself as a flazeda queen and take selfies wherever i go, which is prtty stupid. okay im gonna stop now bc there is nothing else that's interesting. was any of this interesting? nope.

edit (08/14/16): lol i just came back bc guess ******** what, my gay ask had a nostalgic attack again lmao. jk i only came back for inspiration for guild wars 2, im basing my characters off the zodiac lmao. ok lets be fr now, i now only, and forever will only, like d**k. i also have been out of my bed now, but it was not due to ********, it was due to getting a job lol. i still like wearing hats. but, im in a cute visor era rn. i still like to online shop, but now i have moneyz lolz. i also lost my feelings for starbucks in replacement for water (cuz im cheap af). jk its for hydrating my skin, and i now almost have a clear face palette. rn, when im typing this s**t out i am eating chicharrones, which are like pork fat chips. the real gud ones. a gud. rn, it is 4 am and you just stopped playing gw2 with your cousin stephanal and now are basking in the silence. also, you stopped saying flazeda lmao. bc pearls gay. and we dont ******** with white gays. you are now unsure of medical school, and lana del rey, although still up there in the ranks, you like other bitchies such as grimes, marin- oh wait, you just became a fat ******** kweeabo. lmao. thats right. youre a ******** kweeabo. you stan twice. and you even made a kpop playlist if you even remember at this point. youre now a senior and youre ready for your gaping open inverted a*****e to be peered into by a curious explorer, preferably black. also, the funny thing is, youre pretty much anti-tumblr now, you hate the boho kweens, and you hunt down the sjws. you are now your own individual b***h that even britney can not touch. one last update, your a** is still small srry boo. see you next time b***h. xoxo.

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