Ghosts or Goblins?:

Zombies or Vampires?:

Witches or Hags?:

Werewolves or Frankenstein?:

Black Cats or Bats?:

Trick or Treat?:

Candy Corn or Candy Apples?:


Do you like to dress up for Halloween?:

What were you last year for Halloween?:

What are you going to be this year?:

Favorite costume you have ever worn?:

How do you spend your Halloween?:

Are you or are you not going trick or treating this year?:

Did or do you pull Halloween pranks?:

Do you believe in ghosts?:

Do you decorate your home for Halloween?:

Have you ever been to a haunted house?:

Have you ever been to a graveyard on Halloween?:

Have you ever been to an amusement park's Halloween event?:

Do you watch scary movies on Halloween?:

Have you ever had your candy stolen from you?:

Did you ever steal any ones candy?:

Has anyone ever gotten hurt due to your prank?:


- Amityville Horror?:

- House Of Wax?:

- Tales From The Crypt?

- The Exorcist?:

- Dracula?:

- Texas Chainsaw Massacre?:

- Pumpkinhead?:

- The Grudge?:

- The Sixth Sense?:

- The Others?:

- All or any of the Nightmare On Elm Street?:

- Nightmare Before Christmas?:

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