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my poem journal
just poems of mine
here are some more poems of mine, none of them have names and alot of them aren't that good at all, but i gess i will put all ov them, even the ones that suck, lol

-i feel us geting closer everyday, the more we pray the more we get through the day, it changes me in wonderful way, its only fair to say, thanks to you i can be happy and play

--i love you so much, i want to touch, i know its wrong, but the urge, is so strong

---its been so long since i've seen you last, so kiss me now , kiss me fast, i know now, are love will last, are bonds are broken, from are hard cast

----my bible is my sword and my god is my sheild, together we walk across that blood drenched feild , i see them the war, i see the hate, do they not know their horrible fate?
''god doesn't matter anymore'' they say as they hit that hard bloody floor, i see them kill, i see them die, the only surviors are the ones who lie, i cant stand it anymore, i walk away, out the door, i start to cry, and ask god why, he say ''just wait, not to long, trust in me and you do not do wrong'' so i start to smile, then i start to laugh, i am safe under gods wing, away fom his wrath

-----i see you floating off the shore , blood in every pore, so muh gore, i sob like never before, i can barely make it out the door, i am not here anymore, i am so angry, i start to roar, i am dead strait to the core, i fall to the floor, just liveing is a hard chore, so much pain, in every breath, i stop my crying, i await my death

------you cut and cry, you rot, and die
you would not listen, you regected his help, now you must burn, your blood sizzle and churn, you beg and plead, but to no avail, you had you chance, now satan prevails, you regret it, and then you fall, you are done, your flesh now raw, i can only sit in awe, you die and die, your second death, just talking about it, puts me out of breath, know the lord, know him well, or you will go and die in hell

-------i see a nation, under ration, under dictation, under fixation, under aggravation, under evil cultivation, under no confrontation
but we have a obligation, to stop the infestation, to stop the desperation, to stop the exsploitation, stop the exasasperation, to stop the brutalization
so much accumulation, this nation is a abomination, we deserve a commemoration, we had no conciliation, but we had to stop the carsaration

--------you judge me, saying you do it because you love me, you dont fool me, you do it to control me

----------every move, every look, she steals my breath, she has me shook, with every look, she looks so smooth, with every move

well, thats about it, i hope you like them, and if you have any names for them, please tell meh

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