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My Book
Just when i get bored and feel like writing random stuff about random stuff
Yes i play Poke'mon....and im just doing this cause i made a list of people i need still and this is how im gonna keep track of it... so... if you see anything on here not crossed off and wanna trade please do so.

* means that i cannot get it in my game, or i need to get them still in general.
STRIKE Means they are preevolved or i have them.
I have Poke'mon Black

Pansage > Simisage (evolves with Leafstone) *
Pansear > Simisear (evolves with Firestone) *

Munna > Musharna (evolves with Moonstone)
Woobat > Swoobat (evolves with happieness)
Gurdurr > Conkeldurr (evolves by trading)
Cottonee > Whimsicott (evoles with Sunstone)
Petilil > Lilligant (evolves with Sunstone) *
Maracatus *
Sigilyph *
Trubbish > Garodor -36
Miniccino > Cinccino (evolves with Shinystone)
Soloris> Duosion-32 > Reuniclus-35 *
Ducklett > Swanna-35 *
Foongus > Amoonguss
Frillish > Jellicent-40
Joltik > Galvantula-36
ferroseed > Ferrothorn-40
Kilink > Klang-38 > Klinklang-49
Tynamo > Eelektrik-39 > Eelektross (evolves with Thunderstone) *
Elgyem > Beheeyem-42
Axew > Fraxure-38 > Haxorus-48 *
Cubchoo > Beartic-37
Cryogonal *
Druddigon *
Golett > Golurk-43 *
Pawniard > Bisharp-52 *
Rufflet > Braviary-54
Deino > Zweilous-50 > Hydreigon-64 *
Larvesta > Volcarona-59
Cobalion *
Virizion *
Thundurus *
Zekrom *
Kyurem *
Keldeo *

If you have any legendary pokemon that you are willing to trade over for a min so i could just get them in my pokedex that would be great biggrin

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  • [10/14/11 10:03am]
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