well lets c....oni is writing an entry about me and that got me excited CHU! i got my cat ears today and have completed my dream avi (except aura)!!!!! im so excited about that ^_^ 4laugh i read a LOT of manga yesterday and today......on monday my daddy broke thru my ceiling by accident hahahahhaha i laughed so hard!! i wasnt expecting it and i turned around to c his leg hanging down...all i heard was him cursing like a sailor xp then yesterday at school i was running to the vending machines for a poptart and i SLAMMED a door into some girls face!! i kept running b/c 1. i didnt have the time to get poptart and get to class and 2. i didnt want to face her after doin that....i felt so bad....some friends behind me said her eyes watered and she was holding her face/nose.......i feel sooooo bad i could hav at least called out a srry.....what i feel the worst about is ...i did that for a POPTART!! both of these stories are really funny if i said them to u (whoever is reading this) out loud and mayb better if i took the time to type the details but im wayyyy to lazy so briefness is goin 2 have 2 due ........no school monday for labor day so yay!! um....not sure what else to write about so i guess im goin to bed now.....GOOD NITE 2 ALL!!!! 3nodding blaugh