I don't give out my name to just anyone...so sorry in advance.
I have a bunny named Scamper and a kitty named Yin-Yang (Yinny or Yinyin for short).
My high school curriculum is very rigorous so I'm usually no life studying or
just on the internet. I don't have much time to go out.
I have a brother who graduated with a BFA, a fourteen year old sister (whom I love dearly), and a nine year old brother who is obsessed with pokemon and spongebob (mostly pokemon).

i am
a singer, photographer, language lover
lovable, friendly, shy, caring, empathetic,
generous, fashionable, smart, complex,
misunderstood, humble, fun-loving,
loyal, poet, laid-back, gamer,
unique, environmentalist,
animal lover, a lover, not a fighter
[[ but i'll fight for what i love ]]

I like
The Hunger Games trilogy
Avi Art [[ giving and receiving ]]
Donating (:

i waste time
Writing Poems
Singing &3

i aspire to
learn how to make img/sig
maps, learn how to make profiles,
host a giveaway/contest thread,
make some type of successful
guild, donate lots and lots of gold/items (:

i search for
True happiness
My one and only <3
My calling in life

i could do without
stress, gossipers, backstabbers, frenemies,
hypocrites, drama-queens, close-mindedness,
stereotypes, being let down, being put second,
that i'm almost always too nice for my own good,
judgers, violence, animal abuse, spouse/child abuse.

i live for
talking in French or Greek ;D
singing, my friends, fam[ily],
animals, food, shy guys, nature,
photography, love songs, poetry,
music, ice skating, precious memories,
you (;

i fear
the unknown - but hey, who doesn't?
death, heights, running out of options,
crazy people, dieing alone,
cockroaches, wasps/bees/
anything that stings, horror movies.

i should
be doing something more constructive whee

i choose
not to