I stood by my partner
Throughout every battle
Helping him take down enemies
This day was the worst of all
When he let go of me
I thought to myself
He must be hurt
I could hear screaming in the background
When I looked around
I saw a couple of children
Stuck on the battlefield
Behind some bushes
After seeing the children
I decided to look around some more
Then I saw my partner
A medic was next to him
I looked around some more
The battle was not what I expected it would be
An hour later
I heard some strange noise
I looked up
Into the sky
A rain of shells
Were coming right at us
Killing hundreds of soldiers
I looked to my left
The children are still sitting there
I looked behind me
Three soldiers saw the children
They ran to them
I kept my eye on the children
With the three soldiers
When the shells stopped
I took my eyes off the children
Looked around
There I saw the most horrifying site
I've every seen
Soldiers body parts all over the place
Soldiers running to help the wounded and
Running to the enemy
.50 CL's,RPG's,AK-47's,M-16's,M60's and much more
All firing
Soldiers falling with every blow
From the enemy
I couldn't take seeing
The terror on those soldiers faces so
I looked to the children
I couldn't understand
Why the children would not move
The three not doing anything
I hate this noise
It was like the same as before so
I looked up
Into the sky
Saw the rain of shells
Coming down again
I looked to the children
Hoping the soldiers would move them
Then there was an explosion
Right in front of me
I closed my eyes
Hoping the children weren't hit
After awhile I opened my eyes
Looked to where the children were
I couldn't see anything
But dust in the air
After the dust cleared
I saw nothing
But a big hole wear the children and
The three soldiers were
I closed my eyes
Hoped that it will end soon
I woked up from falling a sleep
I was next to my partner
He was lining down
Strapped to the bed seat in the plane
I looked at him
Saw one of his legs were gone
The right side of his hips
Was bleeding very bad
I stood by him
Watching him slowly pass away
Since I couldn't do anything
Then came a medic
Putting a blanket over top of him
Now I know
He is gone
Gone to a better place