Dear ___,

As I start this lxttxr, thosx who rxad it might think somxthing is wrong and stop rxading at this point, but plxasx kxxp on rxading. As you can sxx, for onx lxttxr of thx alphabxt, I havx substitutxd an "x." Somx of you might find this strangx. lxt mx xxplain. A lot of pxoplx don't think that onx pxrson in this world can makx any diffrxncx. But lxt mx txll you this. In history wx havx all sxxn and hxard pxoplx who havx stood up for what thxy bxlixvx in. Thxy havx indxxd madx a diffrxncx in our livxs. It only takxs onx pxrson to changx somxthing and makx xvxryonx's lifx bxttxr. Considxr rxcycling: it only takxs onx pxrsox to rxcyclx, thxn xvxryonx xlsx will follow. If wx all thought only of oursxlvxs, this world would bx a disastrous placx right now. Thx ozonx layxr would bx gonx and wx will all bx harmxd by thx sun. It only takxs onx pxrson to comx out and say hx or shx carxs. What i'm saying is to lxt go of your pridx and do what you bxlixvx is right. If you arx confidxnt, thxn you will succxxd. You should know that you can makx a diffrxncx. Now, what doxs this havx to do with writing "x's" instxad of "e's"? Did it xvxr occur to you that if onx lxttxr can makx a diffrxncx thxn so can onx pxrson? Xvxn though this is a small xxamplx, it shows that if onx tiny lxttxr in thx alphabxt can such a diffrxncx in a pixcx of writing, thxn, of coursx, onx pxrson can makx a big diffrxncx in thx world today.