Sometimes i wish i was ALOT older, (im Only 12...) I love music but i NEVER get cds. crying crying crying The cds i want either my bro has or my parents wont let me get. (like i wanted that new green day cd.) evil evil I am getting alot better at playing guitar, and im finally in 7th grade!!!! blaugh blaugh blaugh I am definatly a nerd... burning_eyes I am a A+ student (not a straight a but i get alot of em) ninja And unfortuanalty i am the youngest in my grade. dramallama My bro is going to collage this year (thats one more less to deal with stressed ) now all i hvae to do is put up with my 17 year old sis! gonk I luv to watch cartoons and documenteries, and most stuff on discovery channel.

But overall I have a great familia. (im half mexican) (even though they get REALLY ANNOYING!)