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Well, I don't know right now, maybe I'll change this later. :P
For my latest Avatar Arena entry. please read all

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Hair like strands of cobwebs, silken and white in the moonlight but lank and gray in the darkness. A baleful silver eye stares outward, surrounded by mottled, blackened flesh, the other half of a once delicate face concealed along with a ruined mouth and nose. The naked teeth, with no concealment of lips was enough reason to keep the mask in place, not discounting the gaping hole where a matching silver orb to the one remaining had once settled.

A half top that tenders on the edges of modesty leaves the entire abdomen open to scrutiny, the flesh sunken and thin, the same mottling black disease spreading with deathly intent across much of it. A short skirt with a ruffled and longer back leaves much of the lengths of her legs exposed, the darkness hasn't reached them yet, but there is little doubt it will soon enough. Heavy boots adorn small feet, the weight familiar and comfortable, the wearer unwilling to change them for what would be more appropriate to her station.

Clawed gauntlets encase twitchy fingers, that are expressing extreme disinterest in the beings surroundings... A dark chamber where over a dozen armored and unarmored cringe away from her in fear. The only entity close to her is a darkly feathered owl, her pet who watches the small crowd with the same distrust in his round dark eyes as in her singular attention. A silver crown rests atop her head, the only remnant of a once proud lineage, soon it too would be abandoned as unnescessary as being turned completely from their previous life.

It had been a happy life, lacking in many unpleasantries that plagued the generations before her. But she was dissatisfied with it, dabbling with darkness, she found a greed within herself... That greed led to the unleashing of demons upon her people, and the festering evil that slowly was eating away her flesh and leaving her but a husk of herself.

She knew what would be said of her when she died, that she went mad, that her greed cost her her life... These things were undoubtably true, and she did not care if those epithets were what remained of her... Her attention was elsewhere, she hardly even paid mind to when with an absent flick of her wrist the crowd grovelling at her feet dispersed like smoke. Everything was rotting, she was rotting, and they would rot...

okay, this scares me o.o I wasn't trying to make anything like what this avatar turned out as, and I've been twitching it a bit for a few days to set it the way I wanted... and then I sat here to make an explanation and it exploded onto here. Oh well, creepiness aside, I hope you enjoy this avatar. whee

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