okay so mebe this is my first actually ego 'journal' entry inna while...>.>; let's face it! i hate talking abt how my day goes...but i love talking abt how nuts some special ppls are to me. or abt my dreams, involving them ;D. I'm feelin a bit inspired atm soooo i hafta let it out somehow seeing as i cant be properly inspired and writing w/o certain requirements...one of them being a lit only-me room to work with haha. wokay kiddoes sit down coz this is where you'll get sleepy XD lot's of things have happened this year! met alot of important people to me for one <3 got back a few important friends...realized my dreams and goals for the future! and my quest to find the ninja with the sticky fingers begins XD that's kinda vague ok but it just doesn't mean that i mean to go see an awesome random dude that became my one of my best friends-no, i mean to find the others as well. it's just me sayin i wanna go out into the world to find these important ppls and nerd with them <3 that goal includes saving up the money to do so! which is why i'm working my butt off XD on top of that i wanna be able to see my darling daughter throughout all this exploring so i needs monies for that as well. which brings me to today's topic XD i mean to join a skool for job learning. it's good pay, learning and such, new experience, getting monies <3 which is good for that hungry pocket XD but most of all...i wanna be able to live with my bestest friend Squiddy inna few years frm now and from there i can rule the world, domination and all that jazz XD