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Lots of Cat poop

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Not been here alot
No no you are not seeing things. I have not been on here for a while. I come off and on. I just have so many other things that take my attention away. I was really busy with school and did not play my Final Fantasy XI in over a month! I have been plaing it some this vacation. Today is my first day back to school....so much to do. I need to do my art for Nan Desu Kon!!!!! I don't want to save it for the last second again. confused

My First Quest.
I have been on Gaia for over a year and I have never done a quest. Well the other day I decided to start one. I am questing for the Exotic Dancer collar and cuff. I have almost enough gold for the cuffs....(of all my own gold except for a 100G that was donated, So it is not going all that well. If you want to see it there should be a link in my signature.

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Community Member
Okay here we go again!
Well for you all that asked I am in the Animation program.

My new quarter has just begun and I already have alot of work to do. I have my manga to work on and alot of commissions. It sad though....I have all these things to do but yet I spend a whole lot of time doing nothing. I really need to manage my time better. I am such a procrastinator. *excuse spelling*
Oh well......One more year of school left. Kind of scary. redface eek

I am working all all my final projecte. One is a really easy essay but the other two...well. I have a 30 second animation I have to do with lip syncing with a adio file. I have about 10 seconds done (with out any of the lip syncing) and them i have to do a animted story using flash. That one has to be a minute long. Arggggg!

Community Member

Community Member
Stuff about me *format stolen from kobayashi*
01. Name: FallenMessiahX

02. Nicknames: Seiya, Fallen, FMX

03. Screen name: FallenMessiah, Beatrix-Kiddo123

04. Age: 23

05. Grade: Junior in college

06. GPA: 3.0 give or take

07. Sex: Male

08. Birthday: July 17, 1981

09. Zodiac sign: Cancer

10. Hospital where you were born: St. Joseph, Denver Colorado

11. Location: Denver, Colorado.

12. Height: 5'8

13. Hair Color: Black

14. Big Hands or Small Hands: Hands of a 12 year old boy hehee

15. Eye color: Brown

16. Siblings: Older sister, younger brother.

17. Parents names: Jessie & Jess

18. Hobbies: Drawing, reading manga, listening to Jpop and other music, watching anime.


47. Food: I like to eat

48. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner: All of them...im a fat a**

49. TV show: Will & Grace

50. Movie: I like alot....Kill Bill, Night of the Living Dead series.

52. Band/Group: Alot...too many to list

53. Color/s: hmmm used to be red but now I am not sure

55. Actor(s): I don't know

56. Actress(s): I don't know

57. Weekend Activity: Being lazy.

58. Favorite day of the week: Days I don't work

59. Month: July....my birthday

60. Book: I don't read

61. Holiday: ALL!

62. Number(s): 7, 13

63. Cookie: Choco-chip

64. Phrase you overuse: Whatever

65. Toothpaste: It changes every time I run out.

66. Ice Cream: Oreo, chocholet chip cookie dough

67. Candy Bar/Candy: peach rings, twizzlers

68. Teacher: Mr. Miagi

70. Restaurant: Olive garden, chipolte

71. Channel: Fox, NBC

72. Radio Station: 95.7

73. Type of music: Jrock, pop, jpop, electronica, alot actually

74. Shampoo/Conditioner: Nutrogina

75. Song: God I don't know....so many

76. Music Video: I have to think about that one

77. Sport: I hate sports

78. Website: fallenmessiahx.deviantart.com

79. Relative: ehe


82. Friends: Rekka, Kobayashi, Mirai, Miso, Seiya, Noah, Tiff, Megs plus others.

83. Person you most admire: no one...and everyone

84. Most loved person: Pretty Knowah


85. *N Sync OR BSB: Neither.

86. Peanut butter OR Jelly: peanut butter

87. coke or pepsi: Coke

88. Boxers OR Briefs: Boxers

89. Matt OR Ben: Neither

90. MTV OR VH1: VH1

100. Apples OR Oranges: Apples

101. Vanilla OR Chocolate: chocolate

102. Flowers OR Candy: Both XP

That was silly. I'm hungry now.

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