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The story of a girl;
How are you currently feeling?
Tired ;-; but overall pretty good <3

Because it's 11 P.M, and today was a good day.

What are your biggest fears?
Mirrors, heights, the dark, that space under my bed when I'm about to go to sleep, mega pale kids, chihuahuas.

Do you think they're serious fears that could affect your lifestyle/ have they already affected your lifestyle?
Mirrors do. I've calmed down but, I used to be TERRIFIED to even reach for my tooth brush because I was afraid I'd be close enough for my reflection to hurt me.
Also heights. I cried in the sky temple in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. No joke.

What are your hobbies?

Are you currently single?
Nope, I've been taken &in love since November 15, 2OO8<3

What is your opinion on relationships? (Do you think it's okay to date at a young age, date older people, etc)
If you're not old enough to drive, you're not old enough to date.
*Shot for being hypocrit*
But no, really. Because when you date at a young age, it really effects your overall view of relationships in the future. It makes you scared of things, it effects your view of things, that if you were older you'd be able to handle and work through better.
Every 13 year old girl thinks she's so mature, and maybe some are, but I don't think it's mature enough to handle a real relationship and make the right decisions.

As for age differences, if you're under 19, I'd say a 2 1/2-3 years. After 19, 4-5 years. After 25, whateverr. lol

Shouldn't you be doing your homework >:C?
Nope, I'm a drop out.

What's your favourite song?
If it's on my playlist I love it.

Why? :3
RAWR I'm too lazy to answer this.

If you tag someone you're automatically a douchebag <3!!!
I tag everybody who has at least one vowel in their username, has at least one number in their username, has a hyphen in their username, or used to like playing N64 when they were little!

Reflections of a Giraffe
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Reflections of a Giraffe
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