(previews for all the parts(or episodes) for my fma fanfic biggrin 1-40(since theres 40 parts to it so yaeh lol sweatdrop )
Part 1:Begginnig of the Curse

Part 2:Alchemists of the State

Part 3:The Unforgetable Sin

Part 4: Journey of the Choosen

Part 5:The Philospher's Stone

Part 6:Reasons of the Unknown

Part 7:The Scared Man

Part 8: The Broken Doll

Part 9:The Village of the Fallen

Part 10:Truth

Part 11:Human

Part 12 razz romises of Fools

Part 13:The Trip Back Home

Part 14:The Deadly Sin

Part 15:A Teacher's Student and Forgivenss

Part 16:The Unknown Child of Innocence

Part 17:The Lost and The Found

Part 18 razz eace of the Heart

Part 19:A Nightmare Made Real

Part20:Unloved and Unforgived

Part 21:General Mustang,The Flame Alchemist

Part 22:Returning Home from the Battlefleid

Part 23:Secerts

Part 24: Homunculi and Humans

Part 25:Bound of What is Broken and Lost

Part 26:Theroy of Avarice

Part 27:Memories

Part 28: Finding Another Way

Part 29: Riku,The Killer Ishballan

Part 30: The War of the East

Part 31: Death of the Homunculus

Part 32: Avarice of the Alchemists

Part 33:A Family Feeling

Part 34: The Furher's Ball

Part 35:Avarice against Desires

Part 36: A Father's Return

Part 37:Tending to the Stray Dog

Part 38 biggrin ante,The Master of Sins

Part 39: The End of the Road

Part 40: The Final Battle Till the End

ask me about any of these and i'll explain futher biggrin