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Delete This
By UC Poika

Copyright 2013 UC Poika

Delete this story. Do not read under any circumstances the extreme lack of brilliance herein. It is silly, it is inane and it is serious, but it is mine, I created it, and I alone am totally responsible for its content. Don't, I repeat, do not blame the publishers for publishing this okay?

It all came to me one day when I was just a kid. I asked God what "now" was all about and I saw in a vision a tiny vortex, a weird little flaw in the perfect world and all of change came into being because of that one little tiny flaw. And I asked God what I was like and I looked out the window of the car I was riding in and watched it snow and I viewed each snowflake I could see wondering which one he thought to be me. Then one fell but it did not fall in a straight streak like the others but bent at a right angle and when I took a closer look I saw it was not white at all but amber, and I realized at that moment I was like the odd snowflake among the abundance. Then I asked later when we had arrived at our destination what it meant for his spirit to hover now, and I looked up and saw a sparkling amber ring in the sky and it was alive and it was looking for someone to fill the center of its ring so that it could be an amber cloud, for what it really was, was the sides of a vortex lit by some mysterious light for it whirled round and round as the vortex inside it searched in vain for me. Then I realized the vortex was like an eddy in a stream I had seen except that it was not a stream at all, and that the earth is only a vortex constantly drawing matter to it so that it appears to be a ball of matter, but even that is like the vortex of a sink being drained as the world turns, and as it draws the moon into its clutches, and the two together are being drawn into the sun and the sun is being drawn in to some central location in the Milky Way, and the Milky way into some central location in the galaxy system it is part of and that system is being drawn into another system of galaxy systems and hopefully there is no end to it, but there is; the entire universe is going down the drain, because the Devil pulled the plug, and that is what now is all about then.

Now, there is a vortex in my mind that sucks in information from the world and it draws in information like the above analogy, and your attention if you are close enough to be effected by it, is drawn into it like debris is being drawn into the vortex in the water going down the sinkhole in my brain, and it is all being drawn into the nothingness that was in my mind before my brain became a sinkhole sucking in all of the information in the world that follows me, for I fell and everything else in the universe is following me even the Devil who holds the plug in his hand, and everything else, heading to a point the size of the smallest period I will ever be able to imagine existing, the beginning of a whole newer level in sinkholes as down everything goes in your minds that draw in all this information, as it draws your bodies now as it is mine, and as it draws the places you call there by whatever name you call them, and the places beyond them, all of us collectively taking in all the information we can until we are gone down that drain, all us together reduced to smaller than the smallest dot we can imagine where eventually everything else is going to be.

The Big Bang has not happened yet. But it will and we are not being spewed out of the center, but drawn back into it, forever, the light from it the only thing we can see of it! And, that simply because it traveled faster than everything was drawn in, some of it approaching the speed of light itself. It will happen. You just wait and see. It will.

Now? Where the hell is that delete button. Yes, here it is.

Ever wonder where things go when you delete them? Don't just delete this and never give it another thought. It was only useless information that wasn't even real, but fiction, right? It was only fiction. Right? Well, when the last person deletes this, it will be gone except in our memories, and when we lose our memories, will it have ever really been in the first place?


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