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Read it, betch!
The Ankle Story
So this is the DL, I broke my ankle (partially shattered it) and I guess my councilor said that writing a story about it helps get out some feelings I might not realize I have. So here it goes.

It was a perfect day, the sun was high and warm on my back as I happily ran the warm up lap and joked around with my friends. It was the first meet of the season, and I was ready to kick some serious a**. At this point my ankle was fine, it felt normal, just like any other day. I was focusing on my shoulder, since I messed it up climbing over a fence with my neighbor to get a Frisbee we had thrown. My best running event was third, the 400. I waited anxiously for my chance to sprint that one vicious lap around the track. Finally, I heard the man announce the fist call for the girls in my grade level. Show time. I could hardly wait for him to fire the starting gun, allowing me to explode forward in the burst of speed I had worked on so hard for the past six years (middle school too, darling). It was finally time. I got into position and took a deep breathe to focus myself. BANG! The sound echoed through my heart, causing a joy I can't describe. I burst into the lead, sprinting around the first corner and going strong. I can to the last turn and put on my last piece of speed. But the track felt weird, and I misjudged the step and how much lean I needed. Pain shot through my ankle as I heard a sickening snapping noise. I fell to the ground. Why wasn't anyone coming? It seemed like an eternity, but I finally heard someone scream my name, and then, before I knew what was going on, I was surrounded by couches, parents, teammates, friends, even the girls I had been racing against were leaning over me. The assistant couch asked me what was wrong, but I couldn't speak. There were tears running down my cheeks and I felt blood on my forehead where my head had smacked the ground when I fell. I simply pointed at my ankle, which felt like someone had stabbed it a thousand times with a steak knife. I found three faces in the crowd that I recognized; Nate, Jake, and Nikki (aka my best friends). It was almost worse to see the pain in their faces then it was to feel the pain in my own ankle. Couch motioned Jake out of the crowd and had him carry me to the grass so that they could look at my ankle more. At this point, all that I wanted was to just get up, finish the race, and go home. I've never quit a race before. Ever. I didn't want to start now. Before I knew it, I was in an ambulance and on my way to the hospital. They didn't let me take Nate or Jake or Nikki with me, but they all came with my brother who drove out to meet us as soon as they could. I assumed something was majorly wrong. My ankle had swollen alot, and I couldn't move my big toe. I arrived at the hospital where x-rays and doctors confirmed my fears. I wouldn't be able to compete again this season.


yup. anyway, I asked my friend Nate what he saw, because he always watches my races, and this is what he said.

"I was getting ready to fun the 400 myself. Carmen was in the last leg of the girls. I was cheering, she was in the lead, but then I saw her slip. She's really clumsy, so I assumed she had just last her balance. But then she didn't get up and I knew something was wrong. I caught Jake's eye across the track and we both knew something was wrong. This was when people were starting to realize that Carmen wasn't okay. Nikki was already sprinting over to her, and we were quick to follow. I've got to say, I seriously thought I was going to have a heartattack. The hardest part was running my events afterward, because I knew that I was keeping her brother from seeing if she was okay. He insisted that I finish though, but I feel bad."
-Nate M.

yuppers. I doubt anyone read this. neutral

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WTF optimus prime
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