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Michiko Kitty
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Asking for Forgiveness...
This is in regards to my Facebook posts I may have made without thinking it would hurt anyone on my friends list.
I had no idea some of my friends would be offended by my comments and ideologies as they were never aimed at them.
Usually when they are, I’d tag them to the post, but it seems Facebook likes to be a dirty lil back stabber that wants to share everything from what I like biggrin to dislike stressed to those whom have followed me... but more then that, seeing every post I have made on public political posts.
Granted, I have a right to my opinion, but I had no idea my friends were upset that I’d even post on such dangerous topics.
I admit, I had no idea anything I posted would offend them as it was never meant for them, but for those whom abuse their rights to take it advantage of others.
I posted those topics because I found them alarming. wahmbulance

Fact is, I was convinced it was because of a misinterpreted joke I had made to one of my friends who overreacted and unfriended me right on the spot.
Didn’t even give me a moment to edit and fix my mistake.
fact is, I was using Siri to type out what I was saying while I was playing WoW.
Most of the time Siri misunderstands me because I mutter a lot...
I wound up deleting my post entirely after realizing that friend left me on nearly every social platform I had them on. My heart shattered. cry
I literally believed it was because she thought I fat shamed her and I had no way to tell her what I was trying to say to rekindle our friendship...

I had made one last post on New Year’s Day that alarmed my family into thinking I was going to kill myself...
Fact is, my body will do that on it's own through extreme anxiety attacks and after what had happened on Facebook...
I literally about let it happen till one of my family members FaceTimed my mother alarming her on my post stating that as my New Year’s resolution... I would never post, like or share ever again as it’s not worth loosing anymore friends. I felt hopeless...

At that point, mom had an intervention with me to ease me from slowly killing myself over this.
Time past, and one by one... I saw the rest of my High school friends leave me without saying anything.
It wasn’t easy for me to post once more nearly 3 months later forgiving and letting all my high school friends go after thinking it was because of one little mistake that wound up not even being the entire reason she and the rest left me. I admit I hurt my friends... and I’m horribly sorry. crying

That friend Instant messaged me a few days after my “I’m letting my friends go” post on Facebook stating that I forgave them and would always remember the good times we had shared... but never forget how it ended.

My friend told me every... and it took me some time to reply as I didn’t want to hurt her any further after finally realizing what I had done over the course of years of inappropriate posts that I didn’t think would offend her as they were never aimed at her. I told her that I’m sorry and plead for forgiveness as mentally over the past 10 years, my brain has been deteriorating verbally, like when I tell Siri to type “Phab” Slang term for fabulous... it hears “Fat
So I hope the rest of you can forgive me to some degree. I understand our differences can be compromise now when I post something that goes against what you believe and will avoid posting on such posts or sharing inappropriate videos. I don’t want to take anymore chances. I still value you all and love you all...

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