Well, i went to disneyland for two days it was amazing, I never knew it was possible, but i now love my girlfriend more then i ever had in my life!!! And i know i'll always love her as much as i do now!! for the rest of my life!!! She is my EVERYTHING! She is my heart!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!
This is what she wrote, i want this to stay here forever, because it is beautiful smile
"Dear Brian,

i have to agree with u that these past two days were a wonderful memory for me. i wish we could do it again even if i have to feel the pain on my feet and back again. i would do it again because i would definitly go on the huanted mansion again with u. maybe it would be dark at alyssas house during the sleep over;D it was a totaly awesome trip and dont worry u didnt and u wont be disrespecting me at all in the future. after yesterday i relized something. its completey ok for u to touch me and poke me i enjoyed that too^^ i dont kow how it happened but i love u more than ever now its gone from infinity and 4 to infinityx2 god i cant belive that that two days ive been waiting for for about a month is already goneD': but at least we'll have alot more memories to spend together in the future and in the dark ;D

~till our lips meet again"