I was in bed starring at the ceiling because my stomach was killing me. He said that my first meal was going to be the hardest but I didn't know what he ment. I finally figured it out when I colapsed and had to be moved to the bed. I was in pain. Something inside of me was changing. I tossed and turned around till I suddenly saw light comming in from the larger than life window. It had a little balcany that we landed on to come back into the house. The pain was suddenly gone and I looked back to the rising sun. It didn't hurt like the movies showed it did. Hollywood would be so mad.

I suddenly felt arms around me and looked into deep green eyes. I felt myself melting into them when they suddenly looked behind me to the window. "The sun does not hurt you but makes your eyes sting a little and you look paller than you should in the sun." He said but I only got eyes sting in sun. My head was being clouded by his very presents. He sensed this because the next thing I know he was starring at me and slowly I watched his lips move closer to mine. When he pulled away I almost whined. He smiled to me and I felt almost like I could blush.
"You're evil." I said turning my head to the side and crossing my arms over my chest. He slightly laughed and I looked back to him. He then pulled me back into a kiss and this time he didn't pull away. My arms wrapped around his neck and I found myself moving closer to him.
"Come on. I wanted to show you something." He said a little while latter. I found it strange how even though I didn't need to breath I was panting.
"You want to show me what?" I asked liking where I was and not wanting to leave his arms. He read my thoughts and I was lifted up off the bed. "Hey!" I said and he laughed gently. "I can walk." I said and he just smiled his perfect smile and brought me down into the lower lever of his house. When we got there though I nearly fainted if I could at what I saw.

I hope you like it? Took me a while to write. I didn't know what to do really... cliffhanger! heart